ICS Impulse - Vestibular Testing

ICS Impulse – Vestibular Testing

Diagnosis of vestibular and balance disorders can be time-consuming and challenging. ICS Impulse can help. A complete, and customizable balance testing solution, ICS Impulse gives you more ways to quickly screen and triage balance patients with:

  • Video Frenzel – easy and affordable access to vestibular assessment and treatment
  • vHIT – assess all six semicircular canals and enable head impulse testing with gold-standard accuracy
  • Positional – assess and treat patients with BPPV with increased accuracy. Head Position Feedback and real-time SPV make it possible
  • Oculomotor - a new approach to oculomotor testing, Oculomotor provides simple and quick tests that assist in determining if the disorder is central or peripheral
  • Caloric – understand and assess the lateral semi-circular canal function with head position feedback, 3D Nystagmus assessment, and an external monitor with superior playback.

Choose one or more modules – or all four – and start helping more patients with vestibular disorders today. Complete the form below for more information.

The vestibular testing solution you can customize

ICS Impulse

A vestibular assessment solution that improves your workflow

ICS Impulse delivers innovative features designed to support the way you work when conducting balance testing. The Vision Denied feature enables you to suppress fixation and collect data with vision denied. The external monitor gives you better viewing of the patient’s response, especially during positional testing and repositioning maneuvers. The use of a presentation remote means you stay close to your patient during data collection.

Ics Impulse modules
Impulse software

Vestibular testing with ICS Impulse includes data playback, reporting and data sharing

ICS Impulse provides data playback, which allows you to review all components of the data collection, and share findings with your patient. You can play the data back in normal speed or slow motion. Playback the entire data collection or start from where the cursor is set.

In addition, ICS Impulse offers a customized report function with vector-based graphics to meet documentation requirements. Third-party data-sharing interfaces directly with third-party EMR systems, and ASCII and raw data export are also available.

Bring diagnostic accuracy and efficiency to balance testing in your clinic

ICS Impulse is the result of decades of research. Discover the benefits of balance assessment with a customizable solution with:

  • High-speed USB camera to measure eye movements, including the ability to record the eye and identify catch-up saccades, nystagmus and skew deviation.
  • Superior sensor that measures head movement and allows for Head Position Feedback.
  • Light weight design – weighing 60 grams, the goggles are comfortable and secure and therefore provide quality data collection without missing important eye movements.
  • Built-in calibration lasers that provide stimulus for calibration and oculomotor testing.

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