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Otobase is a database module that connects audiology patient data to electronic medical records (EMR) quickly, simply and securely.

Otobase works just like Noah. It is fast to set up and implement and easy to learn and use.

With Otobase, you reduce data errors and manual processes and manage audiology patient data from one easy-to-use application.

Otobase integrates easily with the instruments and systems you already have. It works with your existing Noah database or as a standalone database with Otosuite.

Connect to electronic medical records today.

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EMR connectivity? Keep it simple


Why integration with electronic medical records is important

Integration is one of the most consistent trends we see today within audiology. There is an extreme focus on cost and efficiency, and there are new compliance requirements in many hospitals to save medical records electronically.

While compliance with new regulations is a key factor, there is also the desire to increase efficiency across all hospital departments and clinics, and make time for improved patient care.

Otobase provides an easier way to achieve EMR integration and thereby help to streamline workflow and realize significant efficiency gains in the audiology department.

Otobase EMR
Otobase software

Easy integration with EHR systems and other interfaces and equipment

One reason why Otobase is an easier way to connect to electronic health records is because Otobase is compatible with all major audiology equipment and systems, integrating easily with the instruments and systems
you already have.

This means you only need one database, one connection and one integration – making it easy to connect all your equipment and systems to EHR. 

5 reasons to choose Otobase - EMR connectivity that is quick and easy

  1. Simple and easy to use – looks and works just like Noah
  2. Easy integration with all types of audiology equipment and all major brands
  3. Compatible with major EMR/EHR systems including EPIC, AllScripts and AllMeds
  4. Supports HL7 interfaces and Noah 4 interfaces
  5. HIPAA compliance security features

Connect your audiology department to EMR today.

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