Integrated Verification

Integrated hearing aid verification helps boost patient satisfaction
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Do you think twice about verifying your patients’ hearing aids? You’re not alone. While experts agree that performing REM is best practice for hearing care clinicians, many hearing care professionals skip this important part of the fitting process. You may think it takes too much time, it’s too difficult, or perhaps you choose to verify to the hearing aid manufacturer’s proprietary targets.  

Whatever your reason is for not verifying, we have made it easier for you to say yes to verification and more satisfied patients. 

Now it’s easier than ever to verify—with Aurical®

Aurical is fully enabled for Inter Module Communication 2 (IMC2), which is the new standard for integration between hearing instrument fitting and real-ear modules. IMC2 is a technical language that allows fitting and measurement modules to “talk” to each other directly. This means the verification process is guided and automated providing you with a simplified and more efficient workflow. 

Phonak, ReSound, Oticon and Sivantos and some of their sub brands are now all compatible with Aurical in their hearing instrument fitting software. The tight integration between Aurical and hearing instrument fitting software makes it possible to verify hearing instrument fittings to a prescriptive target – including the manufacturer’s proprietary one – automatically with minimal user intervention and training.

This saves time on the target-based verification part of the fitting process and leaves more time for counseling and other activities. The result is timesavings, a better hearing instrument fit and a happier patient with unprecedented easy verification.


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Four reasons to say yes to verification

Still need convincing? Integrated verification using Aurical and fitting software from Sivantos, ReSound, Phonak and Oticon enables you to:

  1. Streamline your fitting workflow — With Aurical and integrated verification, you can now quickly verify hearing instrument fittings to a prescriptive target of your choosing with minimal user intervention and training. Aurical enables an easier workflow because of the built-in IMC2 capabilities. This means you only have to concentrate on one user interface—and the guided workflow gives instructions at every step of the process.
  2. Gain more time for professional services — Verification is one of several steps in the fitting process. By automating this important step, you have more time to spend with your patients on professional counseling and personal service. Aurical enables binaural simultaneous measurements and completely automates the necessary changes to gain and output that are done to match target giving you more time to focus on professional counseling and other activities. 
  3. Reduce returns and time spent on follow up visits – Aurical enables you to help your patients and deliver the right fit from the very first visit.
  4. Show your hearing care patients the value you deliver — Integrated hearing aid verification with Aurical makes it easier for you to show the value of what you do as a hearing care professional. Aurical with integrated verification demonstrates that you are using the latest and most advanced fitting tools—boosting your professional image among current and future patients.
Let Aurical help you achieve fitting excellence