Get the data you need to give your patients the answers they deserve. NEUROWERK® EMG is a complete, high-grade system for EMG, NCV and evoked potential procedures that lets your team easily make routine diagnosis of neurological functional disorders.

Micromed products, including NEUROWERK line of products, have joined the Natus family of solutions

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2- or 4-channel

Easy and
efficient testing

Made in Germany

Thoughtful features

Engineered to promote efficiency and ease of use, NEUROWERK EMG offers many clinical benefits for care teams, including customization, durability, reliability and ease of use.
The system also includes NEUROWERK Software, letting users easily manage and save and share all test results, reports and findings via an HL7 or GDT interface, or to export them as PDF documents.

Intuitive, remote operation

NEUROWERK EMG is compatible with NEUROWERK RC, an intuitive and functional remote keyboard system that allows users to easily change settings and control the EMG system from a distance — keeping the focus on patients’ comfort.
With ideal positioning of control elements and haptic feedback, the time-consuming search for the right keys quickly becomes second nature.

Service and support

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High-quality amplifiers

  • Choose 2 or 4 channels
  • 24-bit A/D converter
  • High sampling rate per channel
  • Includes connection for temperature sensor
  • Internally switchable reference electrode

Options for full scalability

  • Includes NEUROWERK RC remote control for straightforward operation
  • Second electric stimulator for triple stimulation and collision test
  • Enables connection of any magnetic stimulators
  • Software options: MUNIX, VEMP, etc.
  • Reflex hammer


  • Freely configurable sequences and result tables
  • Split screen for lateral comparison
  • Export the results to an external program (e.g. Excel)
  • Patient height and weight, study date and time are included in the record
  • Automatic selection and calculation of all parameters (latency, amplitude, area, NCV, and many more)
  • Integrated support with the neuroanatomical guide
  • Clear curvature representation in the page comparison, including calculation of the lateral differences
  • Continuous EMG acquisition and recording with no time limitation

Product Information


NEUROWERK EMG – High quality amplifiers for any application

  • With 2 or 4 channels
  • 24-bit A/D converter
  • High sampling rate per channel
  • Connection for temperature sensor
  • Internally switchable reference electrode



NEUROWERK software forms the basis for successful work with our NEUROWERK EMG and EEG systems. Thanks to its powerful SQL database, it provides easy access to all functions of our devices.

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Natus Neuro provides a complete line of supplies to meet all EMG needs.







  • TECA® Elite Disposable Monopolar Needles
  • TECA Elite Disposable Concentric Needles
  • Dantec Disposable Concentric Needles
  • Bo-Ject® Disposable Luer Lock Needles
  • TECA MyoJect Disposable Luer Lock Needles
  • Reusable Stimulating & Recording Electrodes
  • Disposable Adhesive Electrodes
  • Convenient online portal – Natus Medical Store (available in select markets)

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