Edwards-Barbaro Syringo-Peritoneal Shunt Kit

Edwards Barbaro Shunt Kit

Edwards-Barbaro is a T-tube catheter designed to provide continuous drainage of fluid from within a spinal cord cyst (syrinx) to the peritoneum. The small T-tube diameter (approximately F5) minimizes the size of the myelotomy, and the “T” shape allows drainage from above and below the myelotomy site which minimizes the risk of kinking and migration. Multiple perforations reduce the chance of catheter occlusion at the spinal cord.


  • 25 cm x 3.5 cm F5 T-tube
  • 90 cm peritoneal reflux control catheter
  • Step down connector
  • Foltz CSF Reservoir (NL8501195)

Only available in the United States

T-tube Catheter
Small Diameter

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