Novus™ Valves for CSF Physiology

Novus Valves

The pressure/flow performance of the Novus Valves is specifically designed to resemble the characteristics of normal, healthy, CSF physiology. Novus features an integral Anti-Siphon Device based on a normally-open design. This proven innovation minimizes gravity-induced overdrainage when a patient sits or stands, maintaining intraventricular pressure within the normal physiologic range. 

Key Features:

  • Features integral Anti-Siphon Device
  • Horizontally-mounted T-valve mechanism allows a straighter flow path
  • Polypropylene Needle guard reduces the risk of improper needle placement
  • Proximal and distal occluders permit selective flushing and patency testing
  • All Novus Valves include integral connectors to facilitate catheter connection
  • Designed with no metal parts that can interfere with CT or MRI scans
  • Available in both standard and mini sizes and two pressure ranges

Only available in the United States. 

Integral Anti-Siphon Device
Standard & Mini Size
Pressure Ranges

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