Olympic Smart Scale® for Infants

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A newborn’s weight is a good indicator of the overall health of a child. The Olympic Smart Scale from Natus is an important tool to help track the growth and development of every newborn.  


NOTE: The product may not be available in all countries; contact Natus for country-specific information.

Weigh each newborn with ease

The Olympic Smart Scale is ideal for newborns, providing a stable weight display even when the child is active. The final weight is automatically locked on the display, making it possible to continue providing care and charting the results.  


Designed with the patient in mind 

Precision by design  

Each scale automatically zeros itself before weighing, ensuring accurate measurements are taken. The zero (tare) button even lets you cancel out extra weight for additional items, such as blankets or toys. The result remains locked on the display. Designed for active newborns and growing babies up to 15,000 grams (33 pounds). 


Smart by design  

When the scale detects motion, it automatically averages and computes within seconds, locking in the final weight. A memory recall button allows the last averaged weight to appear on the display, even if the scale has been turned off. The design of the tray includes four raised sides that are safer for the newborn while making it easier for the care provider to lift the child in and out.


Flexible by design  

Olympic Smart Scales is available in two models: Smart Scale® tabletop Model 60 and Smart Scale® roll-around cart combination Model 65. Each model provides a safe and accurate way to measure newborn weight. 

Smart Scale® Model 60


Smart Scale Model 60 & 65_baby

Smart Scale® Model 65


Smart Scale Model 60 & 65 cart
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