OraSwab™ Foam Tip Applicator for Newborn Oral Care

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The OraSwab™ Foam Tip Applicator gives newborn babies comfort in oral care with a gentle foam tip swab applicator for general cleaning. 


NOTE: The product may not be available in all countries; contact Natus for country-specific information.

Good oral hygiene is important, no matter what age.  


OraSwab™ Foam Tip Applicators combine comfort with simple oral care. Keep gums clean and help prevent inflammation caused by harmful bacteria. So simple to use, you can provide oral care after each feeding.  


Designed with the family in mind 

Simple by design  

It only takes a few minutes to provide comfortable oral care. The foam tip applicator is soft, safe and absorbent, while the stick handle is easy to hold while administering care. OraSwab provides an excellent opportunity for proactive family involvement and bonding.  

Comfortable by design  

Newborn mouths come in different shapes and sizes. Choose between extra small (XS) 6mm-wide size and small (S) 9mm-wide applicators to find the right fit for each newborn. 

Safe by design  

OraSwabs are DEHP and BPA-free and are not made with natural rubber latex.  


The Natus Nursery Essentials portfolio

OraSwab Foam Tip Applicators are part of the Natus Nursery Essentials line of products and accessories. Explore the products here.

OraSwab™ Foam Tip Applicator
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