Save the Gonads™ X-ray Shields

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Superior X-ray Protection for Neonates
Save the Gonads shields are designed to protect the reproductive organs of babies receiving X-rays


NOTE: The product may not be available in all countries; contact Natus for country-specific information.

Save the Gonads provides quick and easy radiology protection and fertility preservation for newborns.  

The shields are designed for single-patient use and give babies comfort and flexibility. Save the Gonads are available in four sizes to ensure complete coverage for any newborn:

  • Nano-premature
  • Micro-premature
  • Premature and Newborn.

Sample packs are available and include a variety of sizes with your order. 

Designed with the patient in mind 

Smart by design  

Each shield is designed for single patient use. The shields are fully encased in satin for quick and easy cleaning. Extend the life of each shield for repeated use on the same newborn by wiping with alcohol between X-rays.  


Comfortable by design  

The small, lightweight design and soft satin cover of each shield provides comfort for a newborn’s fragile skin. The unique heart shape makes placement easy. The shield points downward for females and upward for males. 

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Safe by design  

Shields are composed of 1 mm thick lead to protect reproductive organs from radiation. Each shield helps clinicians comply with JCAHO and FDA patient radiation safety standards. This product is DEHP and BPA-free and is not made with natural rubber latex. 


Save the Gonads™ X-ray Shields are part of the Natus Nursery Essentials line of products and accessories, including Biliband® Eye Protectors, OraSwab™ Foam Tip Applicator, Olympic Smart Scale®, MiniMuffs® Neonatal Noise Attenuators, NeatNick® Heel Lancet and SugarPlum™ Glucose Lancet

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