SurgiLance™ Glucose Lancet for Newborns

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SurgiLance™ Glucose Lancet is a staple in any newborn nursery. The single drop of blood produced is all that is needed for glucose testing.

SurgiLance’s patented design makes glucose draws quicker, easier and more comfortable for the newborn. Designed to automatically fire at the correct pressure, collect the sample size needed for glucose testing. SurgiLance and NeatNick® are the perfect companions for all newborn blood draws!  


NOTE: The product may not be available in all countries; contact Natus for country-specific information.

Designed with the patient in mind 

Comfort by design  
The combination of correct pressure and controlled needle depth helps minimize discomfort during the quick procedure. Choose between 1.0 mm depth for micropreemies to full-term babies, or 1.8 mm depth for full-term babies and adult patients.  
Smart by design  
SurgiLance provides an adequate sample for glucose testing. Eliminate the need for a large lancet to collect a small sample.   
Safe by design  
The single-use needle retracts into the plastic body and locks after each patient use. This product is DEHP and BPA-free and is not made with natural rubber latex. 


Natus Nursery Essentials portfolio

SurgiLance™ Glucose Lancet is part of the Natus Nursery Essentials line of products and accessories, including Biliband® Eye Protectors, OraSwab™ Foam Tip Applicator, Olympic Smart Scale®, Save the Gonads™ X-ray Shields, MiniMuffs® Neonatal Noise Attenuator and NeatNick® Heel Lancet

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