UltraVS™ Valve System for CSF Management

Ultra VS

The simple cylindrical shape of the UltraVS lowers the profile of the valve system in order to reduce the risk of skin erosion. At only 13 mm long and 3.8 mm wide, the UltraVS Neonate is the smallest valve manufactured, and the Natus valve most appropriate for neonatal patients. 

Key Features:

  • Incorporates a miter valve mechanism that naturally opens more slowly in response to hydrostatic pressure than a diaphragm type valve
  • The direct flow path of the UltraVS easily resists occlusion even in cases of excessively high protein CSF
  • UltraVS Valve units incorporate integral connectors to facilitate catheter connection 
  • Option of an integral injectable Rickham-style reservoir for CSF sampling
  • Available in two sizes, and each size is available in three pressure ranges

Only available in the United States.

Miter Valve Mechanism
Standard & Neonate Size
Pressure Ranges

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