Trex HD Video Ambulatory System

Providing EEG and Type II Sleep recording with optional HD video, the Trex HD video ambulatory system is a simple solution for at-home recording in both pediatric and adult patients.

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Trex HD Video Ambulatory System

With the Trex HD the patient takes home the amplifier and video camera.
After the study, Trex HD easily connects to a PC via a high-speed USB cable, and it can upload 24 hours of data in less than 5 minutes.


512 HZ


Trex HD is simple to connect to the acquisition PC via a USB cable and can upload 24 hours of EEG data in less than 5 minutes. Intuitive NeuroWorks® and SleepWorks software provides custom study profiles of your choice already preloaded for enhanced efficiency.

Trex HD utilizes wireless Bluetooth® connectivity for excellent video synchronization. Record up to 96 hours of HD video directly on a camcorder memory card, eliminating virtually all cabling. The recorded result is high-quality video captured during the patient’s normal daily activities, including camera nightshot mode to record sleep.

Key Features:

  • 32-channel amplifier; 24 referential, 4 bipolar, 4 DC, SpO2
  • Configurable sampling frequency up to 512 Hz
  • Wirelessly synchronized HD ambulatory video
  • Operates on two AA batteries, with external battery pack for 72-hour recordings
  • Patient controlled start and stop button

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Product Information

NeuroWorks Software

Natus NeuroWorks EEG software simplifies the process of collecting, monitoring, trending and managing EEG testing data, allowing care providers to save time and focus on delivering the best care.

As the EEG platform trusted by more health systems and small practices around the world, NeuroWorks has proven its reliability across clinical environments including routine EEG testing, ambulatory EEG, long-term monitoring (LTM), ICU monitoring and research studies.

SleepWorks Software

Natus SleepWorks Software is an extensive, flexible and robust sleep diagnostic solution that simplifies the setup, collection, review, analysis and reporting of comprehensive sleep studies. Efficiency is optimized using HL7 interfaces for bi-directional data exchange with electronic medical record systems. Video and PSG data can be analyzed and reviewed while the study is being collected.

Product Literature Download

Trex HD Monitoring Brochure

Natus Ambulatory EEG Solutions Brochure

Natus NeuroWorks Software Flyer

Natus Citrix NAS Server

Natus EEG/Sleep IT Solutions Flyer

EEG Supplies

Natus provides a complete line of supplies to meet all EEG needs.

  • Genuine Grass® Reusable EEG Cup Electrodes
  • Grass Reusable EEG Stamped Cup Electrodes
  • Grass Disposable EEG Cup & Deep-Cup Electrodes
  • waveguard original Head Caps
  • waveguard connect Head Caps
  • Electrode Application Products
  • Convenient online portal – Natus Medical Store (available in select markets)

Sleep Supplies

Natus provides a complete line of supplies to meet every type of sleep diagnostics.

Natus sleep supplies for PSG testing

  • Grass® Genuine Reusable Cup Electrodes
  • Grass Disposable Cup Electrodes
  • Embla® XactTrace® Respiratory Effort Belts
    • Reusable
    • Disposable
    • Cut-to-fit
  • Physiological sensors
  • Cannulas
  • Snap electrodes and leads
  • Electrode conductive gels and pastes
  • Convenient online portal – Natus Medical Store (available in select markets)

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