Camino® 2 Intracranial Pressure and Temperature Monitor

Renowned for its accuracy and ease of use, Camino®  is the most widely used intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring system in the USA.

Offering real-time monitoring data, including intracranial pressure and cerebral temperature measurements, more clinicians rely on Camino to act fast — and quickly diagnose intracranial hypertension — in patients’ most critical moments.

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Battery Life

Days of
Patient Trend

Like trauma patients deserve the best possible care, providers deserve tools that can consistently make life-saving care possible. For more than 40 years, emergency care providers have relied on Camino’s many advantages — and track record of accuracy and excellence — to help successfully deliver the right intervention at the right time.


Key Features:

  • Five-day trends of exportable patient data
  • Easy-to-use, touchscreen interface with high-fidelity waveforms
  • Variety of zero-to-air catheters for monitoring and drainage
  • Ergonomic, standalone system with highly visible display

Service and support

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Camino ICP monitor. Reliable, proven, trusted.

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  • Accurate ICP data – During internal bench testing, the data accuracy of the Camino reliably outperformed competitor systems.
  • Easy-to-zero catheters – Liquid zeroing is a multi-step process which may result in inaccurate reads. With Camino, simply use the zeroing tool to set the catheter.
Reliable ICP monitoring data in your ICU


  • Decades of exceptional performance – As the most widely used ICP system in the United States, Camino has been relied on by clinicians around the country for more than 40 years, with more than 150 journal articles published on its monitoring performance.
  • Versatile options and applications – Camino supports a family of bolted and tunneled catheters for both draining and monitoring needs
Trusted by clinicians and ICU nurses


  • Superior, simple interface – Even for clinicians unfamiliar with the system, Camino is easy to use and understand, presenting critical information on a user-friendly interface using descriptive words instead of icons.
  • Expert clinical support – Natus offers clinical support with a team of Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurses experienced in facilitating engaging clinical training sessions. Their extensive clinical knowledge can help increase your team’s competence and confidence in caring for neurocritical patients.


Product Information


The Camino supports a family of bolted and tunneled catheters providing versatility in draining and monitoring the patient. All Natus catheters measure their respective values at the tip of the catheter, providing continual ICP measurements. This design eliminates the need for a fluid filled system to communicate pressure to an external transducer.

Camino Catheter Family – Summary
Parenchyma Ventricle Subdural
Technique Bolted 1104B, BT, L 1104HM, HMT 1104G

Bolted Catheter

Bolted Catheter with Temperature

Catheter for use with Licox Bolt

Bolted Ventricular Catheter

Bolted Ventricular Catheter with Temperature

Subdural Post Craniotomy Catheter

Physical Specifications

Size: (HxWxD)

  • Monitor: 6.5″ x  9.5″ x  7.3″ (165 mm x 240 mm x 185 mm)
  • WVGA Color TFT LCD Display: 7.0″


  • 6.7 lbs (3.0 kg)

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