Natus® EDS 3® External Drainage System

In critical care situations, even the slightest variables can impact patients’ outcomes. The EDS 3 external drainage system is designed to improve cerebrospinal fluid drainage under varying conditions, giving your clinical team more confidence in every procedure.


Key Features:

  • Safely drains fluid from brain or lumbar spine
  • Laser-level accuracy and added safety features
  • Complete system with simple setup and disposal
  • Continuous or intermittent drainage

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External Drainage System

Developed with input from more than 200 nurses and physicians, every feature of the EDS 3 was designed to optimize drainage and help ensure safety throughout neurocritical care procedures.


  • Entirely disposable, complete system with simple setup
  • Hydrophobic, hemorepellent filter and increased inner diameter tubing for enhanced drainage
  • Wide pole clamp easily attaches to large IV poles


  • Laser level allows for accurate leveling of device with both height and tilt adjustments (level to both the floor and the patient)
  • Red safety cap provides immediate recognition of dedicated CSF access site
  • MR compatible (with removal of laser level device) for seamless consistency


  • Competitively priced among CSF drainage systems
  • Small and lightweight for cost-effective shipping and disposal
  • Manufactured in the United States

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