BrainRT® EEG Software

Based on 35 years of experience in the field of neurology, BrainRT EEG software offers a unique and intuitive user interface, as well as automatic analysis for brain symmetry index, spectral analysis, CFM, and burst suppression. 

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Signal Display


One platform, numerous applications 

Powered by BrainRT review and analysis software, the SD PLUS is a powerful and versatile amplifier offering high quality signal integrity and enough durability to withstand the demands of even the busiest care facility or research lab.


Intuitive and user friendly

BrainRT offers a powerful platform for many clinical applications with the ability to customize signal display and automatic EEG analysis. 

Service and support

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ShellPlus database

The ShellPlus database includes a flexible workflow for easy patient management. For patient information, appointments and reporting, the IServer+ solution offers full integration with the hospital information system. 

Centralized and flexible

The centralized configuration of BrainRT enables easy to monitor ongoing recording and seizure review. The flexible screen layout offers easy visibility of important data for each recording. 

Various camera options

BrainRT can support a number of different camera options for high-quality video monitoring and data acquisition: 

  • Pan tilt zoom or fixed Infrared modes 
  • HD to 4K (3840 x 2160) 
  • Frame rate up to 60 fps 
  • Multi camera recording (up to 4 cameras) at one time 


Product Information

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Natus provides a complete line of supplies to meet all EEG recording needs.











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  • Grass Reusable EEG Stamped Cup Electrodes
  • Grass Disposable EEG Cup & Deep-Cup Electrodes
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  • Electrode Application Products
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