Otoscan® - 3D Ear Scanning Solution

Otoscan is a 3D digital ear scanning solution that unlocks the full potential of your practice by enabling more efficient, precise, and personalized care. With Otoscan, you can count on Natus to be with you every step of the way, offering the training, tools, and support you need to make an impact on your patients, your business, and the overall standard of care.

Unlock the full potential of your practice.

Using noninvasive laser technology, Otoscan scans the ear and transforms the resulting 1-million-plus data points into 3D digital files to produce highly accurate custom in-ear products. This proven technology enables more efficient and accurate customized hearing care and offers new opportunities for you, a Hearing Care Professional, to increase engagement and understanding during patient counseling. As a result, it’s easier for you to attract more patients and to serve them better, positively impacting your patients, your business, and the overall standard of care.

Service and support

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Make an impact.

Not an impression.

On your patients

Otoscan’s scanning process offers a unique opportunity for you to illustrate your explanation of how the ear functions and the specific factors affecting hearing. Building trust and engaging patients in highly personalized care creates a positive clinical experience that helps patients accept their need for a hearing aid.

  • The 3D digital scan is useful for patient counseling to increase engagement and understanding.
  • Otoscan delivers a better fit and reduces remake rates by 33 to 50% from the market average.
  • Patient satisfaction increases with personalized care, lowering no-show rates.

On your business

Bring the WOW factor to your clinics, seminars or healthcare events with Otoscan’s updated and portable features. Boost your reputation and instill confidence in your patients by providing exceptional care with this noninvasive, contactless technology.

  • Otoscan lowers other costs, such as liability risks, remake rates, and the time and money to manage and ship physical impressions.
  • Install Otoscan’s scanning software on your laptop for increased portability to additional clinics or healthcare events.
  • Build trust and enhance your professional image by delivering efficient and customized care.

On the standard of care

Noninvasive digital scanning technologies have raised the bar for patient care and are widely adopted in areas such as prosthetics and orthodontics. Otoscan brought this transformative scanning technology to hearing care, and it doesn’t just offer better outcomes to individuals. Simply put, it has redefined best practices in hearing care.

  • Digital scanning allows for better-fitting hearing aids and other custom products.
  • Digital storage of scans means shorter turnaround times for new and replacement products.
  • Laser technology captures 1 million data points of the ear’s unique anatomy for an incredibly detailed and accurate image.

Change comes with challenges. We work hard to make it easy for you. 

But change, no matter how positive, can be difficult. At Natus, we work hard to smooth that transition and set you up for success. We provide both on-demand training videos and comprehensive in-person training for your staff, as well as manuals, guides, and tip sheets to help you get the most out of Otoscan. It’s all part of our commitment that we’ll be there whenever and wherever you need us — listening to feedback and improving our offering. And helping you make an impact – on your patients, your business, and the standard of hearing care.


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As a five-year user of Otoscan, I can assuredly say that it is a game-changer. It has dramatically cut down on remakes and increased the accuracy of fittings in my practice.

Ganesh Kripapuri

Owner, Key Hearing Aids

Patient feedback has been overwhelmingly
positive, with many expressing their awe
at the advanced technology we offer. This has undoubtedly contributed to our high patient retention rate of 90%.

Vladimir Gutierrez

Owner, Mt Hood Hearing

Otoscan has changed the game in my practice. Scanning is not only quicker and less messy than traditional impressions, but it adds a professional quality and coolness factor to the patients' experience.

Dr. Elizabeth Welch

with Hearing Services of Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Otoscan helps us cut our shipping time and cost by 50%. That’s a huge time and cost savings for us.

Peter D. Sotiropoulos, AuD, FAAA

Doctor of Audiology Hearing Rehabilitation Center, Kankakee, Illinois, USA

Otoscan allows us to capture the exact curvature of a patient’s ear, its texture & elasticity. It’s accurate, precise, efficient and a more comfortable fitting for the patient.

Dr. Esther Fogel

Comprehensive Audiology, Lynbrook, New York, USA

Otoscan fits into the image of our practice as a high-end service provider.

Selma Becker, AuD

Help in Hearing Buckinghamshire, UK


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We’re passionate about helping you grow and make an impact.


Smart technology for a very smart price

Natus has introduced a new way for clinics to raise their standard of care without raising concerns about the budget. FlexSelect is our bundled subscription program that gives you access to industry-leading equipment and solutions to help increase your bottom line. The program combines Otoscan, Otocloud, service and education.

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