Otoscan® - 3D Ear Scanning Solution

Otoscan® is the future of hearing care counseling and transforms the way you provide hearing care. Otoscan gives you powerful new ways to attract and engage new and returning patients as soon as they walk into your clinic. Otoscan helps you keep your patients satisfied – by delivering personalized counseling and solutions in an efficient way.

Come with us to the future of hearing care – with Otoscan.
It’s the way forward.

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Come with us – It’s the way forward


Attract more patients

Otoscan® helps you create awareness, interest and excitement around your clinic with the latest technology within hearing care counseling. Otoscan is the first 3D ear scanning solution developed by hearing care professionals for clinicians just like you. Now you can bring the “wow factor” to your clinic, and:

  • Excite your patients with new digital ear scanning technology
  • Reach more patients and grow your referral base through community health care events showcasing the latest innovation within hearing care
  • Deliver customized hearing care and differentiate your practice

Please more patients

Otoscan gives you more ways to engage with patients and establish stronger patient relationships. With the scanning process, you create a relevant context to begin a dialogue with your patient so you can:

  • Establish a strong rapport and personalize the patient’s experience in your clinic
  • Increase patient loyalty by making their experience memorable
  • Help patients answer the question: “Can I get the hearing aid I want?”
  • Make a professional impression by being the clinic that provides customized hearing care

Otoscan digital image enables us to engage with our patients on a completely new level.

Peter D. Sotiropoulos

AuD, FAAA, Doctor of Audiology Hearing Rehabilitation Center, Kankakee, Illinois, USA

Streamline processes

Otoscan® helps you deliver customized hearing care in an efficient way. Otoscan streamlines the process of producing custom in-the ear pieces such as ear molds and hearing aids. Novel technology transforms images of the ear into 3D digital files that are uploaded to Otocloud®, a cloud-based service for immediate use in the production of custom products. You can:

  • Save time and money on handling ear molds and hearing aids
  • Secure digital patient records for easy storage, retrieval and use
  • Ensure a better fit and reduce remakes and returns
  • Enjoy a cleaner procedure

Smart technology for a very smart price

Natus has introduced a new way for clinics to raise their standard of care without raising concerns about the budget. FlexSelect is our bundled subscription program that gives you access to industry-leading equipment and solutions to help increase your bottom line. The program combines Otoscan, Otocloud, service and education.

Otoscan has changed the game in my practice. Scanning is not only quicker and less messy than traditional impressions, but it adds a professional quality and coolness factor to the patients' experience.

Dr. Elizabeth Welch

with Hearing Services of Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Otoscan helps us cut our shipping time and cost by 50%. That’s a huge time and cost savings for us.

Peter D. Sotiropoulos, AuD, FAAA

Doctor of Audiology Hearing Rehabilitation Center, Kankakee, Illinois, USA

Otoscan allows us to capture the exact curvature of a patient’s ear, its texture & elasticity. It’s accurate, precise, efficient and a more comfortable fitting for the patient.

Dr. Esther Fogel

Comprehensive Audiology, Lynbrook, New York, USA

Otoscan fits into the image of our practice as a high-end service provider.

Selma Becker, AuD

Help in Hearing Buckinghamshire, UK


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