ICS® Impulse - Vestibular Testing

A new level of clinician confidence

ICS® Impulse’s customizable software modules provide a complete sensory suite for faster diagnosis of dizzy patients. With comprehensive testing performed in a single device for mVNG and vHIT, you choose the modules that align with your clinical needs.

ICS Impulse with Otosuite® Vestibular software is the only device validated against the worldwide gold standard scleral search coil.

Start helping more patients with balance disorders today.

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A more complete diagnostic picture


Free up limited resources and help shorten the patient journey with the ICS Impulse. ICS Impulse is an all-in-one solution for clinicians, providing better quality data for a more complete assessment. Comprised of six different modalities, efficiently assess patients with the following modules:

Otosuite® Vestibular Software

Greater intuitive software interface

On-screen video tutorials guide the user through each of the test protocols, providing additional verification during the assessment process. An intuitive, guided workflow supports testing consistency, potentially reducing the need for retesting.


Designed by an expert usability engineer, the guided tutorial interface makes it possible for any trained clinician or technician to efficiently perform vestibular testing by reinforcing testing parameters. These animated video prompts help increase clinician confidence in testing procedures without the need for retesting.

Otosuite Vestibular key benefits

  • A new user interface promotes simplicity while maintaining workflow needs.
  • Streamlined design with an ergonomic workflow.
  • Clinicians are guided step-by-step through each protocol.
  • Simplify the process of obtaining results, reducing the risk of user fatigue and promoting data accuracy.
  • Animated video guides with text provide instructions during the testing procedure.
  • Additional test information will encourage user confidence and reduce user error.
  • Symbols are displayed when additional information exists.

Workflow Panel

  • The automated step-by-step workflow panel places the next function required in order, operating from top to bottom.


  • To promote data accuracy, the user is unable to skip testing steps, helping prevent user error.
  • The task toolbar is easy to traverse with clear graphic symbols, allowing the user to progress through tests rapidly.
  • Intuitive software highlights tests and features in use while graying out those not needed.
  • Video animations with text descriptors help to assist the user with required test functions.

mVNG Solution

Greater precision – faster diagnosis

Introducing a simple way to help balance patients. Easy-to-use and transport, the newly-released monocular Videonystagmography (mVNG) solution gives you the possibility to test and shorten the patient journey with more accurate referrals. The caloric module makes ICS Impulse capable of all the basic tests you need for triaging balance patients in one simple device. With customized testing, you will experience greater precision and a faster diagnosis. Bring balance to the point of care and start helping more vestibular patients today.

  • Value mVNG solution for those who do not require binocular recording.
  • Ability to test vision and vision-denied.
  • True portability – no lightbar required.
  • Otosuite Vestibular data storage and exceptional reporting capabilities allow a built-in comprehensive report in one place.
  • Assess more patients with all modules with the ability to upgrade.
  • Head position feedback to help ensure proper patient movement for assessment and treatment maneuvers ensuring proper data collection.
  • Lightweight goggles for superior patient comfort.

Nystagmus Analysis

Maintain balance for your dizzy patients

The ICS Impulse Oculomotor and Positional modules allow you to measure all dimensions of eye movement – horizontal, vertical and torsional, providing a more accurate diagnosis of vestibular patients.

  • Multiple arcs track torsional eye movement obtaining accurate torsional eye position data.
  • Real-time analysis saves time with access to 3D nystagmus analysis immediately after data collection.
  • Quantify the degree of torsional nystagmus – unique SPV algorithm enables identification of even weak nystagmus beats.
  • Torsional analysis was developed in collaboration with leading vestibular scientists.

Accurate measurements of torsional eye movement improve diagnostic accuracy

  • Assessing if a lesion is central or peripheral is dependent on the ability to measure torsional nystagmus along with horizontal and vertical.
  • Patients with focal lesions involving the vertical canals or one branch of the vestibular nerve produce torsional spontaneous nystagmus.
  • Measuring torsion provides an opportunity to perform quantified oculomotor testing.
  • Quantitative torsional analysis provides additional information about different types of BPPV and the effectiveness of the treatment method.
  • Just as the intensity of horizontal nystagmus can provide information about the level of static compensation, the intensity of torsional nystagmus provides additional information about the time course of the disease.


Special Tests

Additional Special Tests for more accurate and intuitive results

The addition of Head Shake and Fistula (Valsalva) tests adds supporting data to the evaluation of suspected unilateral deficits and/or third window dysfunction.
Test Protocols:

  • Head Shake
  • Fistula


Diagnosing a vestibular disorder is challenging for the clinician and often fatiguing for the patient. The addition of the Headshake and Valsalva tests allows additional clinical data points to be collected on unilateral deficits and a new option for third window dysfunctions. This increased functionality for the user allows the clinician to be confident in their diagnosis and more patient-focused.

Video Frenzel Testing

A video frenzel solution that gives you an easier way to collect data

The ICS Impulse monocular video frenzel solution records eye movement with vision or vision-denied, eliminating the need for fixation. Simply connect the goggles via USB. The room video records in grayscale or color.

In addition, the lightweight video frenzel goggle enables the clinician to monitor elapsed time with a recording indicator, so you can easily start and stop the recording with a presentation remote control.

Simultaneously display the eye video on the computer and a separate external monitor, giving you more choices when sharing information with your patient.

Test Protocols:

  • Video Record/Playback

Review, share and report data efficiently

With the video frenzel module, you have the ability to play back eye and room recordings synchronously in both normal speed and slow motion. Identify which video contains what information at a glance.

  • Add a remark or note to the video to help you identify the test being performed – whether it is spontaneous nystagmus, gaze or positional.
  • Add an indicator to any video that can alert you if the data is unique or of particular interest.
  • Create customized reports, share and store data easily using Otosuite Vestibular reporting and proprietary Otosuite Vestibular database and data sharing.

vHIT including SHIMP





The video head impulse test(vHIT) detects disorders of the vestibulo-ocular reflex and identifies which ear is affected in cases of peripheral vestibular loss. Drs. Halmagyi and Curthoys are the industry pioneers who first identified and described the head impulse test in the 1988 article, “A Clinical Sign of Canal Paresis.”

Patients with a vestibular loss will exhibit a corrective saccadic eye movement (a “catch-up” saccade) either during or after the head impulse and the gain of the head compared to the eye will not be equivalent. The head impulse test provides quick, precise information about the vestibulo-ocular reflex to stimuli in the high-frequency range.

Test Protocols:

  • Head Impulse

A vHIT system that enables you to assess all six semi-circular canals

  • ICS Impulse vHIT enables you to perform head impulse testing with speed and precision.
  • vHIT provides a quick, clear-cut side of lesion specific assessment of the vestibulo-ocular reflex response to stimuli in the high-frequency range, the natural range of head movements. It is the only test that can assess all six semicircular canals.
  • The high-frequency stimuli used in vHIT are similar to that used in daily activity, such as when crossing the street or quickly turning to a sound.

Validated against scleral search coils

The ICS Impulse vHIT system has been validated against the gold standard scleral search coils and approved by Drs. Halmagyi and Curthoys.

ICS Impulse has the lightest goggles in the industry, ensuring patient comfort. Sophisticated cameras enable the use of smaller velocity head impulses of only 15 to 20 degrees, making the test more pleasant for the patient.

This device detects more abnormalities than visual observation and reduces false negatives. And because results are known immediately, treatment can begin much sooner.

Measuring catch-up saccades is faster and more efficient

  • ICS Impulse delivers unsurpassed diagnostic precision.
  • In addition to providing an accurate, objective measure of the vestibulo-ocular reflex, ICS Impulse allows clinicians to test acute patients with spontaneous nystagmus. You can detect both overt and covert saccades allowing for proper diagnosis and rehabilitation recommendations.
  • The vestibular function of both ears can be assessed and documented in less than 10 minutes from patient entry to reporting.


Assess and treat patients with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) using ICS Impulse. With head position feedback and real-time slow phase velocity (SPV) analysis, positional testing and repositioning maneuvers are performed with greater accuracy.

  • Perform BPPV assessment using dynamic positional tests including Dix-Hallpike, Hallpike, Stenger, Side-Lying, Roll or define your own.
  • Initiate BPPV treatment using repositioning maneuvers such as Canalith Repositioning Treatment, Liberatory, BBQ Roll or define your own.
  • Precisely track the patient’s head motion in free space with Head Position Feedback.
  • Evaluate the patient’s nystagmus with real-time SPV. You can view the real time SPV value displayed on the computer and on the external monitor.


aVOR – Free app for iPad and iPhone.
Diagnostic Confidence: Combining Otosuite Vestibular and aVOR – an excellent tool for assisting in the diagnostic assessment of vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) disorders and BPPV. Available for download on the App Store.

More than video goggles - perform positional tests and accurate analysis with ICS Impulse

The ICS Impulse Positional module allows for the use of an external monitor from which you can view the eye video and real-time SPV so you can see the patient’s response from multiple locations in the room.

The superior SPV algorithm was developed by vestibular experts to ensure that all nystagmus beats are identified. Analysis of the horizontal and vertical traces are automatically analyzed and displayed on the same screen.

Eye position trace, eye video, SPV graph, head position feedback, or room video all playback synchronously – at normal speed or slow motion. Play back the entire data collection or start from where the cursor is set, allowing you to review all data collection components.

Test Protocols:

  • Dynamic
  • Static
  • Repositioning


The ICS Impulse Oculomotor test module provides simple and quick tests that assist in determining if your patient has a vestibular disorder that is central, peripheral or both.

With innovative goggles and an advanced test battery, the determination of the presence of a central pathology is available at the bedside or in the clinic.

Everything you need in an oculomotor test battery

The Oculomotor module from ICS Impulse delivers the oculomotor tests you need to determine central and peripheral disorders.

Review the Oculomotor test data with superior playback functionality

The Oculomotor test module delivers superior playback functionality. Playback eye position or velocity trace, head velocity trace, eye video, SPV graph, head position feedback or room video synchronously.

Test Protocols:

  • Gaze
  • Saccade
  • VOR
  • Skew Deviation

The ICS Impulse Oculomotor test module for easy analysis

  • For Gaze tests, the superior SPV algorithm was developed to ensure that nystagmus beats are identified even if the nystagmus is weak.
  • Analysis of the horizontal and vertical traces are automatically analyzed and displayed on the same screen.
  • For VOR tests, you can easily observe the head and eye velocity traces and determine the presence or absence of catch-up saccades.
  • For Skew Deviation, you can mark when the eye is covered and uncovered with the use of a presentation remote. The average-eye-position shift is calculated for both horizontal and vertical eye movement.



A Caloric test module and one goggle give you everything you need

The ICS Impulse Caloric test module delivers everything you need to understand lateral semicircular canal function for thorough balance assessment.


Pair the ICS Aircal air caloric irrigator with the innovative ICS Impulse mVNG goggles and a complete caloric test battery, and you can determine the degree to which the vestibular system is responsive and how symmetric the responses are between the left and right ears.

Test Protocols:

  • Caloric

Product Information


Cable clip


Optical Lens Cleaning Cloth


Fixation wall dot


Goggle strap assembly


Remote Control Clip


Wall mount


ICS Impulse case


Face Cushion Configurations
Designed for use with the ICS Impulse goggle to ensure proper fit, the disposable face cushions help prevent slippage during testing. Goggle slippage often results in inaccurate gain values. These single-use face cushions are comfortable for the patient and promote accurate data collection.

Face cushion configuration 1


Face cushion configuration 2


Vision Denied Kit Configurations
Test in complete darkness with the proprietary vision-denied solution, designed specifically for the ICS Impulse. The camera provides clear images of the eye in complete darkness for more accurate measurements without fixation.

Vision denied kit configuration 1


Vision denied kit configuration 2

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