Aurical® - Hearing Aid Fitting System

Aurical is a complete, modular hearing aid fitting system, supporting the entire hearing aid fitting process. Try a flexible fitting system that:

  • Boosts efficiency throughout your clinic – wireless and binaural PMM, FitAssist tools, integrated audiometer, hearing instrument test chamber, built-in Hi-Pro 2, sound field amplifier and counseling tools save you time.
  • Supports the way you work – modular design, intuitive tools and customization capabilities bring a new level of flexibility to your fitting workflow and clinic management.
  • Proves its value every day – convincing hearing aid fitting and counseling tools, training, service and support ensure more efficiency, fewer returns and higher client – and staff – satisfaction.

See how Aurical can help you deliver the best fit.

Service and support

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Your way to hearing aid fitting excellence


Efficient fitting system so you can do more for your clients

Integrated modules streamline the fitting workflow, increase reliability and save time and space. Everything you need is integrated through the Otosuite software universe. The dedicated fitting audiometer, Aurical Aud provides diagnostic functionality in a space-saving design. Aurical also delivers an optional built-in Hi-Pro 2 – the industry standard in hearing instrument programming.


Perform precise real ear measurements without cables – and binaurally with Aurical Freefit. Flexible FitAssist tools such as OnTarget, QuickView, User Tests and Sequencing help you complete tasks quickly and efficiently. And counseling tools such as speech mapping enable you to deliver a professional client experience.

Hearing aid fitting with an easy-to- use modular system

Aurical adapts to your way of working with:

  • A small footprint – A unique modular and portable design means you can arrange your clinic in the way that works best for you without wasting valuable space.
  • Four fully integrated modules – the Aurical Aud audiometer, Aurical HIT – hearing instrument test chamber, the Aurical Freefit probe microphone measurement (PMM) unit and Otocam – a powerful video otoscope – can be used together or separately. Add modules as your clinic grows. Adapt your instrumentation as your plans change.
  • Easy to use software platform – The Otosuite software platform brings flexibility to your fitting workflow. Use standard protocols or customize them. Add custom signals and custom target curves to suit the way you want to work. Otosuite makes it easy.

A smart fitting system - and an even smarter investment in your clinic

Aurical is a complete fitting system, providing advanced fitting and counseling tools that make it easier to fit, sell and upsell more hearing instruments and accessories so you realize a faster return on your investment. With Aurical, you become a trusted and professional representative of the hearing instrument brands you carry.


When you choose Aurical, you choose Natus – an experienced partner dedicated to helping you succeed – with the guidance, training and support you need to achieve fitting excellence.


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