ICS® Aircal - Caloric Irrigator

Irrigation with the ICS Aircal provides a modern choice for gold standard caloric irrigation. It combines the convenience and patient-comfort of air with the precision of water irrigation so you can do caloric testing with confidence. With no water, the entire irrigation process is easier for you and more pleasant for your patient.

Perform caloric testing with confidence using ICS Aircal for air caloric testing.

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Perform air caloric testing with confidence

Air caloric with ICS Aircal - accurate stimuli without water

The caloric test forms the key element in the balance test battery with the requirement that the stimulus delivered to each ear be exactly the same. Research has proven that using air temperatures set at 24°C and 50°C creates a comparable response as water irrigation.


ICS Aircal heats and cools at a temperature range from 12°C to 50°C. For accuracy, the temperature is controlled at the tip of the delivery tube ensuring the correct air temperature is transferred to the patient.


With the superior delivery head, the tester can see the tympanic membrane, making it easy to deliver stimulus accurately. This unique design reduces the learning curve for clinicians who currently use a water irrigator.

Efficient and accurate testing using air caloric with ICS Aircal

ICS Aircal delivers unique features that help boost workflow efficiency while ensuring accurate testing, including:


Intuitive digital display with large buttons that make it easy to operate the device in the dark. LED display is set at an angle and has large, bright numbers which you can see from various positions within the room.


The irrigation function integrates with the Natus VNG/ENG systems, enabling you to stay next to the patient while accurately completing the caloric test battery.

Discover an air caloric testing solution that is flexible, quiet and portable

The ICS Aircal is an air caloric irrigator that is flexible, quiet and portable. You can set the temperature, airflow and time to meet the requirements of your clinic.


What’s more, you can set the intensity of the beep that lets you know the stimulus time has been reached. The ICS Aircal is quiet, too, and has a small footprint and low weight (18 lbs/8 Kg) making it easy to transport.


Perform efficient caloric irrigation testing today with the ICS Aircal.

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