Aurical® Otocam 300 - Video Otoscope

The Aurical Otocam 300 from Natus is a lightweight and easy to use video otoscope that gives you an efficient way to incorporate video otoscopy into your hearing care processes.

You can perform detailed inspections of the ear for documentation as well as quick visual inspections. Images are easy to record, store and share with the click of a button.

Learn how the Aurical Otocam 300 video otoscope can help you provide quality counseling for your patients and clients.

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Video otoscope for quality counseling and care

A video otoscope with an ergonomic design that is easy to install and use

With plug and play capabilities, it’s easy to install and start using your Aurical Otocam 300 video otoscope.


An ergonomic design makes it lightweight, portable and comfortable to use. Two buttons – for direct storing of images for right and left ears – and unique integration of the otoscope and Otosuite software enable you to access most of the functions via the otoscope, so you stay close to your patient during the process.

Video otoscopy with a powerful lightsource ensures crisp images

The powerful light source lets you present crisp images on a computer or large display. USB power eliminates the need to worry about charging your otoscope. And, a unique built-in heater helps to minimize condensation so you always have crisp, clear images.


Being able to show tiny details on a large screen is an added value for successful counseling and helps to promote a greater understanding of how the hearing instrument works.

Aurical Otocam video otoscope works with Aurical Freefit and Otosuite software to improve your fitting workflow

If you also have an Aurical fitting system, you can access the Aurical Otocam 300 directly from Aurical Freefit during PMM using the QuickView feature. With just one click, you can position the probe tube, fit the mold and perform other activities for a smoother workflow.

The Aurical Otocam 300 is fully integrated with Otosuite software from Natus. Intuitive, easy to learn and use, Otosuite supports the entire client journey, from diagnostics and counseling to fitting and verification.

Simple-to-use user test functionality ensures configurable, consistent and smooth workflows that can be customized to suit individual needs. Work in a single software environment across modules and give your clients a professional fitting experience.

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