Oscilla® - Mobile hearing screening for use in occupational health and in the school

Dependable and transportable hearing screening audiometer for adults and children


Hearing assessment and validation on-the-go – Oscilla A30, A50 and A60 audiometers bring testing to the patient in a portable device for occupational hearing validation and screening in the school setting.


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Portable audiometer for hearing assessment and quality diagnostics


Mobile hearing screening

The Oscilla® A30, A50 and A60 are USB-powered diagnostic audiometers for manual and automatic hearing assessment testing on-the-go. Providing mobile screening technology in a compact, ultra-portable device, Oscilla takes convenience to the next level – bringing the test to the patient. The noise-cancelling headphones provide the perfect setting to ensure accurate results. Ideal for use on-site to test for occupational hearing safety validation and for use in the school setting. Choose which device meets your needs. These complete stand-alone assessment systems are Noah-compatible and provide guided workflows for ease-of-use.

Installation is simple

1. Install the AudioConsole software on your PC.

2. Connect your A30, A50 or A60 device to the computer via USB for an automatic installation.

3. Launch AudioConsole and begin testing.

Oscilla A30

Quickly screen and gather information about potential hearing issues without the need for a sound booth. Powered through a USB port, simply plug the headset into your PC and begin testing. Adult and pediatric patients are navigated through an automatic and interactive test, complete with a button. The product is ideal for quickly screening occupational workers and young students from age five.

Oscilla A50

The Oscilla A50 expands your testing capabilities to include the SISI and Weber tests and bone conduction. The bone conduction attachment helps determine if the hearing loss is sensorineural or conductive.


Oscilla A60

The Oscilla A60 is an important tool when conducting speech testing by measuring the speech reception threshold of the ear. This type of test can be performed on older children and adults, helping confirm the results of a pure-tone test. Pre-recorded speech test material and a dedicated speech control panel provide audiologists and dispensing professionals the ability to present certain words quickly and easily with as much flexibility as using a live voice.

AudioConsole® PC software

This complete software solution for PC-based audiometry, tympanometry and patient data management provides users with an intuitive interface to help optimize patient workflows. Use the software to screen patients now and download the results later.


Key benefits:

  • Pure tone and speech tests from your PC
  • Watch audiograms and tympanograms update in real-time
  • Create patient profiles with a note feature and to collect personal data

Patient interaction

The ergonomic, handheld unit has a single response button that luminates and changes color during the session. Designed to make testing simple and interactive, the luminous button helps stimulate concentration and helps indicate the testing status:

Bright white light – The device is active and connected to the AudioConsole software
Orange light – The device is in test mode
Green light – The patient button is activated
Purple light – The automatic test is complete

Hearing protection validation

Hearing conservation in the workplace is necessary and, in most places, required by law. Oscilla audiometers make it possible to validate the hearing protection you provide your employees by easily testing at different frequencies and levels when wearing the hearing protection ear plugs. Results will deem if the protection is adequate or below the legal requirement.


For custom hearing protection products, use Otoscan 3D digital ear scanner to quickly take a digital impression of the ear and send the files to hearing instrument manufacturers. No silicone material necessary.

Features Oscilla A30 Oscilla A50 Oscilla A60
Air conduction
Automatic Test
Ear protection Test
Bone Conduction
Weber Test
Talk Over
Speech Test


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Natus Medical Incorporated is an official distribution partner of Oscilla A/S products.
Oscilla A/S is a Danish ISO 13485-certified medical device company. Manufacturing and development are based on over
60 years of experience in screening and diagnostics solutions for hearing professionals.


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