Madsen® Capella² - Otoacoustic Emissions testing

Madsen Capella² is a powerful Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) system designed to deliver accurate and objective analysis of cochlear function for all ages. Intuitive and easy to use, Madsen Capella² provides dynamic features for OAE testing in a modern workflow, including:

  • Ability to check the probe fit at both the beginning and end of a measurement
  • Predefined user tests
  • Programmable sequences
  • Ability to swap ear data
  • Easy comparison of results with normative values
  • Perform DPOAE, TEOAE and SOAE analyses quickly and accurately with Madsen Capella2 and discover a new level of OAE testing efficiency in your clinic.


Not available in all countries. Please contact your local Natus representative for availability.

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Gold standard otoacoustic emissions testing

A flexible way to analyze otoacoustic emissions (OAE) responses

Madsen Capella² is so flexible that you can use it for both routine testing and more advanced cases. Multiple stimulus calibration choices and an automated frequency selection alternative are just two features that can enhance the way you work.


For stimulus calibration, we introduce Chirp or Optimized In Situ. The Chirp works well when speed is important. When combined with predefined measurement settings it is a suitable tool for general testing of patients.

When accuracy is crucial, Optimized In Situ calibration provides more confidence in your data collection. The historical probe fit and data comparison enable you to assess accurately cases where slight changes in the response are crucial, for instance, for patients receiving ototoxic medications or treatment.

An adaptable otoacoustic emissions solution

PrecisePoints in Madsen Capella² provides the simplest way to set up the exact test frequencies you want. It allows the operator to quickly select commonly used audiometric test frequencies as the F2 test frequencies or set a range with predefined points per octave.


For advanced users there is the possibility to configure manually any frequency combination desired providing a virtually infinite number of points per octave.

Discover an otoacoustic emissions solution that lets you work the way you want

Intuitive easy-to-use software Madsen Capella² works with Otosuite – the proprietary software program from Natus. Otosuite is comprehensive and powerful yet easy to learn and simple to use. All of the functions you need are accessible on the intuitive control panel. It is easy to select your preferred test and measurement settings with a few clicks.


  • Optimized In Situ calibration for DPOAE
  • PrecisePoints on Madsen Capella2
  • Understanding Probe Fit and Historical Probe Fit Comparisons

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Product Information


DPOAE Specification

Stimulus: Frequency range: 500-10000 Hz
Frequency step: 1 Hz
Level: 0-75 dB SPL (Dependent on frequency)
Level step: 1 dB
Recording: Acquisition time: 204.27ms
A/D resolution: 16 bit
Preprogrammed and User Defined Protcols
Multiple Normative Data Sets
Choice of Chirp or Optimized In Situ calibration


TEOAE and SOAE specifications

Stimulus: Click and Tone Burst
Levels 40-90 dB SPL
Frequency Bandwidth: 450-5000 Hz
TEOAE: Correlation and SNR (per band, and\or overall)
SOAE: Asynchronous and Synchronous (levels btw 40 and 60 dB SPL)measurements
Preprogrammed and User Defined Protocol

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