NEOMETRICS® - Data Management for Newborn Care

NEOMETRICS case management and reporting tools tightly integrate results for metabolic screening, hearing screening & environmental testing – facilitating rapid follow-up and intervention.

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Laboratory Information Systems

Metabolic Screening Database System (MSDS) provides newborn screening laboratories with a powerful, easy to use tool for processing test results and demographic data:

  • Emphasizes ease of use, speed, security, resilience and reliability by utilizing Oracle® as its database platform
  • Includes sophisticated data searching capabilities
  • Automates results processing and produces periodic reports, including listings of specimens tested and mailers to specimen submitters
  • Helps manage the increased data demands of Tandem Mass Spectrometry testing (MS/MS)
  • Tightly integrated with Neometrics Case Management System (CMS)

Newborn Hearing Screening

The hearing module option automates the merging of hearing screening data with metabolic test results.

  • Accepts hearing results manually entered
  • Imports hospital data from Natus ALGO® Newborn Hearing Screeners and automatically merges data with laboratory metabolic test results
  • Integrates seamlessly with CMS for reporting and follow-up of hearing tests and referrals
  • Integrates seamlessly with Neometrics CMS/iCMS for tracking and monitoring of referred infants

Electronic Reporting Interfaces

Neometrics Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) module allows authorized providers to securely transmit data between electronic medical record or hospital information systems and state programs.

  • Provides electronic data transfer of demographic and result data between providers and public health agencies
  • Utilizes the Health Level Seven (HL7) messaging standard for data transmission
  • Provides for transfer of data from screening devices
  • Provides automatic data transfer verifications and notification of transfer errors
  • Utilizes secure transport methods to transmit HL7, XML and ASCII based messages

Remote Reporting

The Neometrics Secure Remote Viewer (SRV) module is a web-based application that allows providers of your choosing to search for, view and print mailer images from your MSDS system. Using the security system in place on your network to authenticate remote users, SRV provides the ability to view the actual stored image of the mailer from your server.

  • Optional Neometrics Secure Remote Viewer (SRV) enables providers to retrieve mailers or result reports remotely utilizing a web browser
  • SRV provides status of patient record to indicate receipt, results pending or in testing and released or final report available
  • Optional matching module is available for the matching of vital records or other patient system data to newborn screening data

Patient follow-up and Case Management System (CMS)

The Case Management System (CMS) automates the follow-up of patient data and handles the entire daily workflow process for follow-up staff.

  • A library of preprogrammed actions highlights time critical tasks for staff
  • Optional iCMS module provides secure web access to remote data entry and reports
  • Automatically generates customized reports as well as physician and parent notification letters
  • Manages call logs, audit trails, freeform notebooks, and complete case history files
  • Optional Extended Follow-up module allows for tracking of patient history, diagnoses and treatments, development assessment and outcomes from birth through adulthood

Internet-based Case Management System (iCMS)

The Neometrics internet-based Case Management System (iCMS) is a software application for tracking and managing the hearing screening follow-up process. The iCMS application automates daily workflow and provides a mechanism for recording follow-up activities.

  • Works with Natus’ ALGO hearing screeners
  • Neometrics iCMS is a web-based software system that extends the functionality of the CMS software as well as providing remote access to data by authorized users
  • Provides for email actions on referrals to providers
  • Provides for remote entry of referral data, diagnostic information, audiologist confirmations and a variety of configurable data entry forms
  • Incorporates a wide variety of provider and system reports, along with an ad hoc report generator
  • Provides for a system or program bulletin board

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