Madsen® Zodiac - with Diagnostic and Quick Check Gen 2 probes

Built from the ground up with hearing professionals just like you, the Madsen® Zodiac with the new Gen 2 probes is the preferred choice for immittance testing.

Robust, easy to use under all testing conditions, and seamlessly fitting into clinical workflows, it is an essential part of every audiologist’s toolkit.

Madsen Zodiac is available in three versions:

  • Quick Check
  • Diagnostic and Clinical
  • Each as a stand-alone or PC-based.

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Madsen Zodiac for immittance audiometry

Madsen Zodiac – The first choice for immittance


New Gen 2 probes – for all Madsen Zodiac users

Tympanometry probes frequently encounter fluid and cerumen build-up, blocking the sensitive electronics and hindering their performance. That’s why the electronics in the new Diagnostic and Quick Check Gen 2 probes are positioned further away from the probe tip, protecting them during testing and preventing damage during frequent cleaning.

The new Gen 2 probes are compatible with all Quick Check, Diagnostic and Clinical versions of the Madsen Zodiac. Supplied as standard with all new units, they are also available separately as upgrades for current Madsen Zodiac users.

Designed to perform

Single modality
Designed to cover a single modality, whether conducting routine tympanograms or more advanced testing, you can be confident of getting reliable results.

Proven technology
Built on decades of experience in immittance testing, Madsen Zodiac with Gen 2 probes combines proven technology with state-of-the-art functionality to deliver unparalleled performance.

Supports your workflow
Robust and reliable, Madsen Zodiac supports efficient workflows for years of consistent, dependable performance in high volume environments.

Designed for purpose

Ergonomic design
The Gen 2 probes and tips are comfortable to hold and easy to place in the ear, so you can feel the seal and start testing immediately.

Focus on the patient
Equipped with long reinforced cables, the Gen 2 probes allow clinicians to move around freely and get closer to the patient during testing. Together with remote controls, audio feedback, and LED indicators, audiologists can focus on the patient rather than their equipment.


Ideal for testing children
Fast testing and longer cables make the Gen 2 Quick Check probe ideal for tympanometry on children, where getting it right the first time counts.
Includes a 1000 Hz tone for testing infants.

In today’s busy clinics, immittance testing needs to be fast and reliable

The Quick Check and Diagnostic Gen 2 probes minimize handling, automate processes, and guarantee a reliable seal, making them ideal for use by all hearing testing personnel, and in any testing environment.

Testing starts automatically after a seal is achieved, making the probes ideal for busy workflows that rely on getting good results the first time.

The ideal solution for your workflow

Madsen Zodiac is available in three versions: Quick Check, Diagnostic, and Clinical, either as stand-alone or PC-based.

Quick Check system
The Quick Check with Gen 2 probe handheld screener makes tympanometry and reflex screening more efficient. Remote controls on the handheld probe allow you to switch ears directly. Read and document test results quickly using the optional built-in printer and save the results in Otosuite®.

Diagnostic and Clinical systems
The Diagnostic and Clinical systems offer a comprehensive battery of immittance tests and additional tests for more extensive data and research. As the only immittance testing solution with a Dual Probe option, you can switch between the Diagnostic or Quick Check probe at any time – without interrupting your workflow.

Madsen Zodiac and Otosuite®

When used with Otosuite, Madsen Zodiac enhances clinical efficiency, integrating with other Natus hearing assessment and fitting devices to streamline the patient journey.

Product Information


Madsen Zodiac delivers a complete immittance test battery, plus:

  • Three ergonomic probe types for screening, diagnostic and clinical testing
  • Dual Probe functionality
  • Tympanometry (226 & 1000 Hz), reflex screening/threshold/decay  (both ipsi & contra) and Eustachian Tube Function (ETF)
  • Sweep/auto tympanometry
  • Noah compatibility
  • Automatic test sequences – you define your sequence
  • Cleanable surfaces designed for easy cleaning
  • Built-in printer
  • Small footprint
  • Stand-alone or PC-based versions
  • Tymp History comparison functionality


Available in the following versions:

  • Quick Check
  • Diagnostic
  • Clinical

Resources and Support


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