Madsen® Accuscreen® - Newborn Hearing Screener OAE/ABR

Accuscreen is a handheld, lightweight portable combination OAE screener and ABR screener. Whether used for in-hospital screening or non-hospital births or screening sites, Accuscreen is a portable and lightweight alternative to larger cart-based systems.

Obtain a pass or refer result in minutes or even seconds. A unique algorithm enables Accuscreen newborn hearing screener to perform and complete OAE and/or ABR tests quickly. This means you can screen more babies in less time and free up screening resources for other tasks.

Achieve better outcomes in your newborn hearing screening program with Accuscreen.

Service and support

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Boost newborn hearing screening efficiency

An easy way to streamline your newborn hearing screening workflow

Accuscreen newborn hearing screener is easy to learn and use and fits comfortably in your hand. At 240 g/8.5 oz., it is the lightest combined screener on the market.


Large touch-screen display works similar to a smartphone and can be customized for individual screening and data tracking needs. Convenient and portable, it goes where you need to go to screen newborns – in or out of the hospital.


Improve your workflow with fast and convenient data management. Transfer data, upload patient lists to the device, download data and link to external data management.


Perform binaural, simultaneous ABR testing and minimize the work around the baby during testing. After placing the ear couplers and electrodes, you don’t need to move the baby until both ears are tested – saving you time.

A newborn hearing screener that is intuitive and powerful

Discover the benefits of:

  • Cost-effective two-step screening – Combined ABR and OAE testing in a single device. Low maintenance and training costs, and comprehensive support and service options help you reduce costs while ensuring desired refer rates and a productive screening environment.
  • Powerful software – AccuLink software delivers a comprehensive settings menu. Define settings on the computer and transfer them to the device simply by placing the device in the docking station.
  • Enhanced governance and security features – Manage user profiles, control what tests are performed, ensure all required patient details are recorded and no tests are lost. Administrators can customize the patient demographic data setup in the device.

The first choice in leading newborn hearing screening programs around the world

For more than 15 years, Accuscreen continues to be the first choice in leading NHS programs. Accuscreen builds on a legacy of innovation and trusted partnership in hearing screening to bring you quality screening technology and clinical expertise.


Accuscreen delivers a faster, simpler, and more cost-efficient way to screen efficiently and achieve desired refer rates, which leads to satisfied screeners, a productive screening environment, and successful outcomes.


A complete solution, Accuscreen provides market-leading clinical expertise, expert service, education, and training – and is a reliable partner to help you achieve your newborn hearing screening program goals.

Product Information


  • Breakthrough touch screen display
  • Easy and intuitive data entry
  • Detailed test and result screens
  • On-screen help menu
  • Reliable and faster screening
  • Small and lightweight
  • Docking station for data transfer, instrument updates and charging
  • Comprehensive software offering patient, test and device management
  • Data links: HiTrack, OZ Systems, pathTrack, eSP (UK) and XML

Resources and Support


Brochure, Flyers, Datasheet and more


Manuals and guides (eIFUs)

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