Aurical® Aud - Hearing Aid Fitting Audiometer

Aurical Aud is a dedicated fitting audiometer developed specifically for hearing instrument fitting. It weighs just 655 grams (23 ounces) – but don’t be fooled by its small size!

Aurical Aud has all the features you need to deliver efficient and precise hearing instrument fitting. More than an audiometer, Aurical Aud integrates counseling tools, a power amplifier, USB hub and optional Hi-Pro 2 with high-speed mode in a modern, compact design.

Service and support

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Dedicated fitting audiometer to satisfy more patients


The fitting audiometer that fits in wherever you need it

Whether you mount it under your desk, on the wall or place it on a table, the Aurical Aud fitting audiometer looks great. Discreet and smart, Aurical Aud is a portable audiometer that gives your clinic a professional look.


Mounted under your desk or table, Aurical Aud keeps cables out of site while providing easy access to all your connections, including the Hi-Pro plugs. Modern, compact and lightweight, it is the most portable audiometer around. You can take it with you wherever you go – whether your clients are in or out of the clinic.

An easy-to-use fitting audiometer that works smoothly with Noah and EMR

Aurical Aud is easy to use because it runs Otosuite software – the integrated software system from Natus.


With an on-screen control panel and easy-to-access User Test functions, you can customize your workflow to suit the unique requirements of your clinic. And, with exclusive RoomTune functionality you can transform Aurical Aud into a compensated sound system to present more accurate and reliable sound from your fitting modules.


Otosuite also has easy data management, a selection of report templates and integrates with Noah and electronic medical records.

Product Information


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Tone audiometry testing up to 12.5 kHz
  • Integrated word lists with assisted scoring
  • Built-in amplifier for sound field
  • Separate connections for inserts and headphones
  • Integrated sound card for Counseling and Simulations
  • RoomTune for compensated sound card functionality
  • Various mounting options
  • Optional built-in Hi-Pro 2


  • Air conduction, Bone conduction and sound field
  • FRESH noise
  • SAL, TEN, QuickSIN tests
  • Masking Assistant
  • Loudness scaling option

Resources and Support


Brochure, Flyers, Datasheet and more


Manuals and guides (eIFUs)

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