Madsen A450 - PC-based Audiometer

The Madsen A450 PC-based audiometer from Natus has just what you need to perform efficient hearing assessments and client counseling. Versatile and simple-to-use, it is ideal for busy clinicians looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage. From the modern Otosuite user interface, simulators and layers to personalized hearing care reports, the Madsen A450 delivers more than audiometry.


Discover how the Madsen A450 can work for you.


Not available in all countries. Please contact your local Natus representative for availability.

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Madsen A450 PC based audiometer

PC-based audiometer that gives you more

Madsen A450 consultation

Madsen A450 PC based audiometer customized reports

Portable audiometer with just what you need for efficient hearing care

The Madsen A450 PC-based audiometer runs on Otosuite® software and delivers tests and frequencies necessary to perform efficient air, bone and speech audiometry. The modern Otosuite interface is easy to learn – the control panel is designed to match the way you work, making it easy to use and navigate the system. Use the Masking Assistant and a Pure Tone Average calculation for a more automated workflow.

Madsen A450 PC based audiometer front
Madsen A450 PC based audiometer counseling tools

PC-based audiometer with powerful tools to provide professional hearing care counseling

The Madsen A450 audiometer works for you to make it easier for you to show how hearing aids can help your clients. Effective counseling tools such as Hearing Loss and Hearing Instrument simulators, overlays, audiogram comparisons and the option of an integrated high resolution video otoscope help your clients understand their hearing loss so they are more likely to choose hearing aids.

Customized reports make hearing care accessible and easier to understand

The Otosuite® Reports module in the Madsen A450 audiometer makes it easier to create customized reports with all relevant audiological information for referrals, for use in the office or for your client to take home. With personalized, easy-to-understand reports that explain hearing test results, you and your clinic look professional and your clients leave your clinic with the facts they need to make an informed decision.


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Madsen A450 PC based audiometer customized reports

Product Information


  • AC, BC and Sound Field
  • 125Hz – 8kHz
  • –10 to 120 dB, 1 and 5 dB steps
  • Binaural routing
  • Embedded wordlists, including QuickSIN
  • FRESH noise stimulus
  • Counseling and simulations module
  • OTOsuite Reports
  • Noah integration


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