Madsen® Astera2 - Clinical Audiometer

Madsen Astera2 is an advanced 2-channel clinical audiometer that delivers precision, flexibility and efficiency. Whether you practice in a major health care facility or a one-person office, this high-frequency audiometer empowers your clinic with a complete range of audiometry tests.


Specialize your practice with dedicated test modules for pediatric and tinnitus assessment. Streamline assessments and perform tinnitus assessment and tone audiometry with efficiency and precision. Manage data using integrated Otosuite® software so you can share, store and report data with Noah and Electronic Medical Records (EMR).


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Service and support

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A PC-based audiometer to empower your clinic

Clinical audiometer with dedicated test modalities

Madsen Astera2 gives you new possibilities to help more patients. Use it as a pediatric audiometer. Perform a tinnitus evaluation. Or do both! No matter what your specialty, Madsen Astera2 delivers the tools you need for audiometry excellence. Explore the possibilities of:

  • Fully integrated tinnitus questionnaires (THI, THS, TFI,) enable you to store, review and share data during assessment
  • Psychoacoustical tests like pitch and loudness matching, Minimum Masking Level (MML), and Residual Inhibition (RI)
  • Special tests such as TEN test and SAL test

Flexible audiometer helps you focus on your patients

Flexible and easy to use, you can operate Madsen Astera2 in three different ways: via the optional control panel, a mouse/keyboard connected to a PC, or directly on a touch screen – depending on your needs and clinical set-up.

New Sunshine control panel with large friendly icons enables you to switch from a classical view to a touch screen making daily routine tasks, such as an audiometer test even easier.

Discover what a PC based audiometer and Otosuite software can do for you

Madsen Astera² drives efficiency throughout your clinic. At its core is Otosuite software that integrates everything you do into one system. You can transition seamlessly from audiometry to video otoscopy, clinical OAEs, tympanometry and PMM. Store, share and report all data in the Otosuite software universe or integrate directly with Noah and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). New software updates on a frequent basis mean your audiometer is always up to date. Expand with new audiometer test modalities when you need them, and access new features for existing test modalities as they become available.


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Product Information


  • Two separate and identical channels
  • Frequency range:
    • Air conduction
      • TDH39 earphones: Standard frequencies: 125 – 12500 Hz
      • HDA 300 earphones: Standard frequencies: 125 – 20000 Hz
      • Insert earphones: Standard frequencies: 125 – 8000 Hz
    • Bone conduction: Standard frequencies: 250 – 8000 Hz
    • Sound field: Standard frequencies: 125 – 20000 Hz
    • FRESH noise stimulus*: 125 – 20000 Hz
    • NBN masking: Available in entire frequency range
  • Frequency resolution:
    • 1/6, 1/12, 1/24 and 1/48 octave as well as 1 Hz (You can store up to 24 points for each audiometry curve)


  • LIPread
  • Pediatrics
  • Tinnitus
  • TEN Test
  • Békésy
  • QuickSIN
  • ABLB
  • SISI
  • Stenger
  • Tone Decay
  • Multiple Frequency Weber
  • Masking level difference (MLD)
  • High frequency 20 kHz
  • Lüscher/DLI (Difference Limen Intensity)

Resources and Support


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