Choosing the right EEG is an important investment — particularly when your team faces a wide variety of clinical needs. Accommodating up to 90 channels, the reliable NEUROWERK EEG delivers top-tier performance for virtually any application.

Micromed products, including NEUROWERK line of products, have joined the Natus family of solutions

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Made in

Hi Resolution
AD Conversion


and Reliable

User-friendly EEG innovation

Developed by German engineers, NEUROWERK EEG delivers innovation through its high-resolution AD conversion, network-ready interface, spectral analysis and EEG mapping tools

High-quality data collection

Built with 24-bit acquisition, BRAIN QUICK LTM allows you to record patients with up to five cameras and offers sampling rates up to 16 KHz along with synchronized full HD video, and integrated hifi audio.

Service and support

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Efficient EEG software

  • Automatic amplitude and frequency measurement
  • Density spectral array (DSA)
  • Montage editor for adaptation of the EEG examinations
  • Synchronous full HD video recording
  • Export of EEG, video and results on any media
  • Interfaces and conversion for external evaluation software (e.g. EDF, Matlab)
  • Online EEG analyses with NeuroTrend (encevis software), including burst suppression and aEEG
  • Effective spike detection and source analysis
  • Versatile possibilities for individual window design

Configurable to meet your needs

  • Configurations for stationary, mobile or routine use
  • Amplifier options with 34, 58 or 90 channels
  • Choose PC system or with notebook
  • Swivel arm (EMG) or mounted stand (EEG)
  • Optional printer, additional shelves, pull-outs and metal baskets
  • Expandable with various accessories

Customization and flexibility

  • Online pattern recognition (spike/seizure), source localization, 3D mapping
  • Different camera systems (analog and network cameras, resolution up to full-HD, with IR spotlight, swivel-tilting unit)
  • Photic stimulator F40 up to 60 Hz
  • Customized solutions for support arms, trolleys and accessories

Product Information


Headbox DB26

  • 34 channels (26 EEG, 4+2* bipolar, temperature*, ambient light)

Headbox DB40

  • 58 channels (40 EEG, 11+5* bipolar, temperature*, ambient light)

Headbox DB80

  • 90 channels (80 EEG, 4+4* bipolar, temperature*, ambient light)


  • Expandable with SaO2 and etCO2 sensors
  • 24-bit A/D converters, variable sampling rate up to 2,048 Hz/channel
  • Cable tester on the EEG box

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Natus provides a complete line of supplies to meet all EEG recording needs.

  • Genuine Grass® Reusable EEG Cup Electrodes
  • Grass Reusable EEG Stamped Cup Electrodes
  • Grass Disposable EEG Cup & Deep-Cup Electrodes
  • waveguard original Head Caps
  • waveguard connect Head Caps
  • Electrode Application Products
  • Convenient online portal – Natus Medical Store (available in select markets)

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