InVisus Pro Neuromuscular Ultrasound

InVisus® Pro represents an exciting step into the future of neuromuscular (NMUS) and musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound from Natus. InVisus Pro can be used as a standalone solution or along with any EMG system. Using InVisus Pro concurrently with EMG/NCS systems and integrating InVisus Pro’s high-quality images with EMG reports makes it easy to give care teams a clearer picture of patients’ conditions for more confident diagnoses.

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HD Image

Convenient &

Use Standalone
or With Any
EMG System

Superior imagery for EMG reporting

The new InVisus Pro neuromuscular ultrasound is designed to let your team easily identify structures and landmarks, increasing productivity and accuracy, with a 7” LED screen displaying full HD images. Optimized for contrast and structure differentiations, InVisus Pro offers your care team a clear advantage for diagnostic confidence.


Highly portable to point-of-care

As a compact tablet ultrasound, InVisus Pro neuromuscular ultrasound lets you see clinically actionable information to support your EMG system, right at the point-of-care. Visualize nerves and muscles, quickly identify neuropathies and myopathies, or even use it to guide needle placement.

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Invisus Pro for Neuromuscular ultrasound from Natus

Neuromuscular Ultrasound is the ideal adjunctive modality that can provide invaluable anatomic correlation to EMG electrophysiology.

Jeffrey A. Strakowski, MD

Wide variety of compatible probes

Designed for portability and flexibility, InVisus Pro offers a wide variety of probe options to meet your clinical needs—no matter where it’s needed.

PR52 Probe for Invisus Pro Neuromuscular Ultrasound

Premium linear – PR52

Premium probe for assessment of nerves and muscles with broad depth range and higher resolution.

Frequency Standard Range: 6-18 Mhz

PR60 specialty neuromuscular probe

Specialty linear – PR60

Assessment of nerves and muscles with broad depth range used for structures that are more difficult to access.

Frequency Standard Range: 10-18 Mhz

Invisus Pro Probe PR50

Convex – PR50

Used for abdominal assessment such as diaphragm with deeper penetration and wider field.

Frequency Standard Range: 2-5 Mhz

PR57 Probe for Invisus Pro NMUS

Linear standard – PR57

Access probe for assessment of muscles and nerves at medium depth.

Frequency Standard Range: 5-12.5 Mhz

PR51 probe for Invisus Pro NMUS

Advanced linear – PR51

Used for NMUS assessment of superficial to medium depth nerves and muscles.

Frequency Standard Range: 10-18 Mhz

Superior image quality for neuromuscular ultrasound

High-quality HD images

High-resolution displayed on a 7” LED screen lets your team easily identify structures and landmarks, increasing productivity and accuracy. 

  • Retina+ screen for optimized contrast and structure differentiations 
  • Full HD screen with 1280×800 resolution 
  • Automatic frequency-adjustment preset 
  • Edge enhancement 
  • Advanced speckle reduction 
  • Spatial compounding 
  • Tissue harmonic scanning 
  • Trapezoid view 
  • Post-treatment speckle imaging enhancement 
Portable, point of care NMUS technology

Designed for portability and flexibility

As a step into the future of integrated neuromuscular ultrasound at Natus, InVisus Pro is designed to complement any EMG system —including Nicolet EDX , UltraPro, Keypoint G4 and Keypoint Focus. This compact and portable solution is purposefully designed to provide real-time support for care teams, right at the point-of-care. InVisus Pro also provides the flexibility to easily adjust settings and produce images complete with measurements and annotations to add to EMG reports.



  • Distance 
  • Ellipse with perimeter & area 
  • Free drawing with perimeter & area 

Product Information

Technical Features & Display Functions

Image enhancements 

  • Automatic frequency-adjustment preset  
  • Edge enhancement  
  • Advanced speckle reduction  
  • Spatial compounding  
  • Tissue harmonic scanning  
  • Trapezoid view  
  • Post-treatment speckle imaging SIE enhancement  
  • Offline analysis



  • Distance  
  • Ellipse with perimeter & area  
  • Free hand drawing (contour) with perimeter & area


Display/Operating Modes 

  • B-mode  
  • M-mode  
  • Color flow mapping (CFM)  
  • Power doppler  
  • Pulse wave doppler 

Product Literature Download

Invisus Pro Brochure 



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