Biliband® Eye Protector for Newborn Phototherapy

Exceptional eye protection for neonatal phototherapy

Protect your young patient’s eyes without interfering with the phototherapy light reaching the baby’s head. Experience the ease of application with Natus’ unique Y-shape design and the sense of security knowing these eye protectors will stay in place – no matter how much the newborn wiggles and moves.

Service and support

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Key Benefits

  • Remains securely in place with unique Y-shaped design
  • Conforms to any head shape with the elastic properties of the headband and the hook and latch fastening device
  • Provides protection from phototherapy light
  • Special eye-pad material blocks harmful light to eyes while headband design allows phototherapy light to reach baby’s head
  • Safe and comfortable

"Definitely a good transition for us. The Bilibands stay on and are easily applied."

The Regional Medical Center in Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA

Sizing Chart

Available in Multiple Sizes

Size Head Circumference Part Number Packaging
Regular 30-38 cm 900642 20 units/pk
Premature 24-33 cm 900643 20 units/pk
Micro 20-28 cm 900644 20 units/pk

Resources and Support


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Manuals and guides (eIFUs)

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