Natus® Quantum® LTM Amplifier

Natus introduces its most innovative amplifier for epilepsy monitoring and research, the Natus Quantum. This single compact package has it all. Quantum was designed specifically to meet the versatile needs of today’s modern Epilepsy Monitoring Units and research centers. Quantum has high sampling rates and outstanding signal quality to meet the needs of clinical EEG, long-term scalp and intracranial epilepsy monitoring and research. Ability to control Nicolet Cortical Stimulator from Quantum makes this setup ideal for functional brain mapping. Using the same base as Natus Brain Monitor and EMU40EX amplifiers allows simple conversion of the setup between scalp recordings with EMU40EX or Brain Monitor and Natus Quantum intracranial studies.


Key Features:

  • 256-channel amplifier; 16 DC, SpO2, digital trigger input, up to 8 bipolar per breakout
  • Configurable sampling frequency up to 16 kHz
  • Bandwidth is 0.01 Hz to 4 kHz
  • On-board memory and battery for disconnected recording*
  • Integrated switch matrix and Nicolet Cortical Stimulator control*
  • Optional 10-10 pin box and bulk/head cap connectors
  • Touchscreen study notes
  • Data-stream Wizard with two data streams

Requires NeuroWorks v9.0 or newer. Not available in all countries.  Please contact your local sales representative for availability.


The Natus Quantum 256-channel amplifier is a quantum leap in technology for advanced epilepsy monitoring and research. It offers a software controlled Digital Switch Matrix (DSM) to facilitate functional brain mapping by allowing the use of recording electrodes for stimulus delivery through an external cortical stimulator. A synchronized visual representation of the stimulation results is displayed on the study record. During any clinical study, researchers can seamlessly initiate recording of a high sample data stream which will contain all clinical review notes throughout the study’s clinical lifecycle prior to exporting to a research project for further analysis.

Up to 256
Ref Channels
+ 16 DC

16 KHZ



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Natus NeuroWorks EEG software simplifies the process of collecting, monitoring, trending and managing EEG testing data, allowing care providers to save time and focus on delivering the best care.


As the EEG platform trusted by more health systems and small practices around the world, NeuroWorks has proven its reliability across clinical environments including routine EEG testing, ambulatory EEG, long-term monitoring (LTM), ICU monitoring and research studies.

Product Literature Download

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Natus provides a complete line of supplies to meet all EEG needs.


  • Genuine Grass® Reusable EEG Cup Electrodes
  • Grass Reusable EEG Stamped Cup Electrodes
  • Grass Disposable EEG Cup & Deep-Cup Electrodes
  • waveguard original Head Caps
  • waveguard connect Head Caps
  • Electrode Application Products
  • Convenient online portal – Natus Medical Store (available in select markets)

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