Neurosurgery Shunts

Natus offers a wide selection of shunts and neurosurgery supplies to meet all needs, including SpetzerTM, the most prominent name in lumbar-peritoneal shunting products, the Horizontal-Vertical (H-V) Lumbar Valve System, with a first-of-its-kind dual-mechanical design, and the IntegraTM Edwards-Barbaro Syringo Peritoneal Shunt Kit.

Available only in the USA.


Our neurosurgery supplies include CSF valves and shunts, anti-siphon devices, reservoirs, shunt catheters, connectors and guides. USA customers may order Natus shunts and neurosurgery supplies online directly from the Natus Medical Store.

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Product Information

Lumbar Shunts

SpetzlerTM Lumbar-Peritoneal Shunt Kit

The original lumbar-peritoneal shunt, available only from Natus.

Horizontal-Vertical (H-V) Lumbar Valve System

The H-V system addresses overdrainage with a first-of-its-kind dual-mechanism design.

Edwards-Barbaro Syringo Peritoneal Shunt Kit

Edwards-Barbaro is a T-tube catheter designed to provide continuous drainage of fluid from within a spinal cord cyst (syrinx) to the peritoneum.

CSF Valves and Shunts

Differential Pressure Valves

More than 30 years of clinical experience has made the Natus DP Valve System a standard among differential pressure valves.

  • Natus DP Valve System
  • Natus Standard DP Valve System
  • Natus Pediatric DP Valve System
  • Burr Hole Shunt System

UltraVS ValvesTM

The simple cylindrical shape of UltraVS lowers the profile of the valve system in order to reduce the risk of skin erosion.

  • UltraVS Valve System
  • Neonate UltraVS Valve Kit
  • Neonate Ultra VS Shunt Kit with Small Rickham-style Reservoir

Pudenz Valves

Reliability of performance and the widest variety of sizes and pressure ranges available have made Pudenz Valves the burr-hole valve of choice for over three decades.

  • Prudenz Valve System
  • Prudenz Valve, 12mm Diameter
  • Prudenz Valve, 16mm Diameter

Multi-Purpose Valve

All Multi-Purpose Valves feature the exclusive On-Off Device that can be utilized to monitor for shunt dependency, assist in controlling ventricle decompression, and allow easy proximal flushing and patency testing.

  • Multi-Purpose Valve with Anti-Siphon Device
  • Multi-Purpose Valve without Anti-Siphon Device

Anti-Siphon Devices

Anti-Siphon Devices

  • Gravity Compensating Accessory
  • Anti-Siphon Device


  • Natus Reservoir
  • Standard Reservoir
  • Side-Inlet Reservoir
  • Convertible Reservoir
  • Mini Reservoir
  • On-Off CSF Reservoirs
  • Foltz CSF Reservoir
  • Burden CSF Reservoir
  • Rickham-Style CSF Reservoir
  • Burr Hole Reservoirs

Shunt Catheters

  • CSF Catheters
  • Ventricular Catheters

Connectors and Accessories

  • Catheter Passers and Introducers
  • Reusable Peritoneal Introducers
  • Replacement Peritoneal Introducer Sheaths
  • Plastic Subcutaneous Tube Passer
  • Tuohy Needle
  • CSF Accessories – Connectors and Guides

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