Trex™ HD Monitoring Continuous Video Ambulatory EEG System

With continuous monitoring in a compact, portable system and a two-camera system featuring simultaneous recording, Trex HD Monitoring video ambulatory EEG system offers a complete uniform solution for observing, recording and annotating all types of EEG testing in both pediatric and adult patients.

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24 REF

72 Hrs
Recording on
One Charge

Dual Wireless
Camera Option

Real-time access to ambulatory EEG recording

Key features:

  • Leading NeuroWorks EEG Software, capable of Sleep studies with SleepWorks®
  • Compact amplifier with 24 referential, 4 differential and 4 DC channels
  • Touchscreen tablet with protective case
  • Patient response button option
  • Convenient, easy-to-clean carrying case
  • AA batteries with rechargeable external battery pack for up to 72 hours of battery life, even when wirelessly streaming data to tablet
  • Internal SD card storage space to record up to 96 hours of ambulatory EEG data
  • Built-in pulse oximeter and photic stimulator input
  • Automated export of study data from the patient’s home setting to office servers

Service and support

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Ease of use in the home environment

Provide wireless home video EEG monitoring and review with simultaneous data transfer to a local storage server for further reviewing and sharing. Begin the study with a few simple clicks without the need for patient interaction up to 72 hours. The two-camera system provides patients additional freedom of movement at home without the need to carry equipment from room to room.

Sophisticated software for lab quality results

Gain confidence in knowing that that data quality of the recording is clean with real-time access for remote check-in, including video. Built on the powerful NeuroWorks® software platform, experience an amplifier that brings reliability and flexibility when used in a multitude of studies. Trex HD Monitoring can be used for ambulatory monitoring, routine EEG, LTM and Sleep studies.

Flexible for both patient and clinician

A powerful solution in a compact device, Trex HD Monitoring amplifier increases mobility and optimizes comfort by allowing the patient to resume their normal daily activities. The device is worn in a configurable cross-body pouch and is conveniently charged with AA batteries. Once in the home, the quick and simple setup with wireless cameras can be easily arranged. There is no need to change batteries for a 72 hour study, even with wireless monitoring, minimizing contact between patient and technology.

Product Information


Trex HD Monitoring Amplifier 

  • 32-channels, 24 referential, 4 bipolar, 4 DC, Sp02
  • Records 96 hours of EEG and high definition video

High Definition Wireless Video

  • 1080p HD resolution
  • Infrared sensors record movement in total darkness
  • Built-in cybersecurity features to prevent unauthorized access
  • Simultaneous wireless recording between two cameras

NeuroWorks Software

Natus NeuroWorks EEG software simplifies the process of collecting, monitoring, trending and managing EEG testing data, allowing care providers to save time and focus on delivering the best care.


As the EEG platform trusted by more health systems and small practices around the world, NeuroWorks has proven its reliability across clinical environments including routine EEG testing, ambulatory EEG, long-term monitoring (LTM), ICU monitoring and research studies.

SleepWorks Software

Natus SleepWorks Software is an extensive, flexible and robust sleep diagnostic solution that simplifies the setup, collection, review, analysis and reporting of comprehensive sleep studies. Efficiency is optimized using HL7 interfaces for bi-directional data exchange with electronic medical record systems. Video and PSG data can be analyzed and reviewed while the study is being collected.


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Trex HD Monitoring System Brochure 

Natus Ambulatory EEG Solutions Brochure

Natus NeuroWorks Software Flyer

Natus Citrix NAS Server

Natus EEG/Sleep IT Solutions Flyer

EEG Supplies

Natus provides a complete line of supplies to meet all EEG needs.

  • Genuine Grass® Reusable EEG Cup Electrodes
  • Grass Reusable EEG Stamped Cup Electrodes
  • Grass Disposable EEG Cup & Deep-Cup Electrodes
  • waveguard original Head Caps
  • waveguard connect Head Caps
  • Electrode Application Products
  • Convenient online portal – Natus Medical Store (available in select markets)

Sleep Supplies

Natus provides a complete line of supplies to meet every type of sleep diagnostics.

Natus sleep supplies for PSG testing

  • Grass® Genuine Reusable Cup Electrodes
  • Grass Disposable Cup Electrodes
  • Embla® XactTrace® Respiratory Effort Belts
    • Reusable
    • Disposable
    • Cut-to-fit
  • Physiological sensors
  • Cannulas
  • Snap electrodes and leads
  • Electrode conductive gels and pastes
  • Convenient online portal – Natus Medical Store (available in select markets)

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