Natus FlexSelect Subscription Program

Natus FlexSelect Subscription Program

Transforming the way you partner with Natus to deliver care

Every practice should be able to raise their standard of care — without raising concerns about their budget. With the Natus FlexSelect subscriptions, practices of any size can enhance their facility with the most advanced Natus equipment — and rely on our industry-leading software, support and ongoing education — all in one convenient, cost-effective subscription.


Experience the true value of Natus solutions

Natus offers FlexSelect subscription plans for our complete portfolio of industry-leading products. No matter how you’re looking to enhance your practice, Natus is here to help ensure a seamless transition, and consistent high performance — for any Natus solution, helping you continuously deliver the best possible care without straining capital budgets.



Gain all the advantages and capabilities of the latest and most advanced Natus technology with new equipment every five years.



Enjoy the highest level of hardware and software support from trained and dedicated Natus technicians to maintain secure and up-to-date solutions and minimize inconvenient downtime.

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Use the latest versions of Natus software, intelligently designed for security and optimal workflow efficiency



Receive expert clinical in-servicing, product training and tips for best practices, eSeminar courses and industry networking opportunities.

Natus FlexSelect Subscription advantages


  • Provide the highest level of care and expand your services with Natus's industry-leading medical solutions

  • Continuously improve workflow efficiency and take comfort in safe, secure and consistent connections with full access to trusted Natus software, including timely updates and upgrades*

  • Minimize equipment downtime and avoid unexpected service and repair costs with the highest level of support from dedicated Natus technicians

  • Advance your capabilities and equipment knowledge through ongoing education and comprehensive product training for your whole team

  • Improve budget management through simple and predictable quarterly subscription payments at a fraction of the cost of a capital purchase

    *Software upgrades across the term may be included in the subscription, where applicable


FlexSelect Subscription Program
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