ALGO® 5 - Newborn Hearing Screening Equipment


The AABR® Technology You Can Trust

The ALGO 5 Newborn Hearing Screener incorporates Natus proprietary AABR technology to achieve a complete physiologic screen of the hearing pathway from the ear to the brainstem.

ALGO is a name synonymous with quality and accuracy and has been the device of choice for over 35 years, screening more than 40 million babies around the globe.


NOTE: The product may not be available in all countries; contact Natus for country-specific information.

ALGO 5 is a fully automated newborn hearing screening device which provides consistent, objective pass/refer results. The ALGO Flexicoupler Earphones and Jelly Tab Sensors facilitate quality measurements during every screen.


Setting the industry standard 

Gold standard hearing screening

Pre-set screening parameters provide consistency and accuracy with every screen. Natus’ exclusive ALGO AABR technology is clinically proven to offer high sensitivity and specificity for your newborn hearing screening program. 


Fully automated hearing screening  

All results are based on the same criteria, eliminating the need for interpretation with an automated pass/refer result. 


Smart hearing screening technology

With the ALGO system, you get the best in newborn hearing screening technology plus the best-in-class support. Proprietary binomial statistical detection uses a template-matching algorithm based on normal infant ABR responses.  

    ALGO 5 cart-based hearing screener

    Benefits of ALGO 5’s features: 

    • Device-based data management includes statistical reports, pre-formatted customizable letter templates, multi-patient management reports and the ability to export data in multiple file formats 
    • Easy-to-use graphical user interface with integrated touchscreen 
    • On-screen audiovisual tutorial provides helpful tips for successful screening
    • Network compatible
    • Label printer and optional page printer
    • audble® Data Management Software provides patient reports and facility statistics for your screening program 


    The Newborn Care Hearing Screening portfolio

    The ALGO 5 newborn hearing screener is part of the Natus Newborn Care Hearing Screening product portfolio, which includes ALGO® 7i, AccuScreen®, Echo-Screen® III, audble® data management and ALGO® Supplies


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