Bio-logic AuDX PRO FLEX - Diagnostic OAE

Bio-logic AuDX PRO FLEX

Bio-logic® AuDX PRO FLEX® is a flexible table top device from Natus offering screening or diagnostic acoustic immittance. Modular test options allows you to add OAE and/or audiometry—resulting in multiple tests in one single device. 

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No other handheld device offers these tests in one unit. It is battery-operated, lightweight and portable allowing for easy transport to the patient or various locations.

Customize tests to meet your needs with these modular combinations:

  • Screening Tympanometry
  • Diagnostic Tympanometry
  • Screening Audiometry
  • Diagnostic Audiometry
  • Screening OAE
  • Diagnostic OAE
  • Input-Output OAE
  • Threshold Estimation OAE

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