CFM Olympic Brainz Monitor

Olympic Brainz monitor 3.1.5

The Olympic Brainz Monitor (OBM) is your trusted partner in the NICU. Simple, automated and secure, the OBM provides actionable neurological information during the early stages of newborn development. It’s as easy as plug in the unit, apply the electrodes and record. Through seamless monitoring and automated seizure detection, you will receive the encrypted data you need to help make clinical decisions. 

Additional clinical monitoring uses

Confirmed or suspected seizure activity
Preterm infants
Infants with intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH)
Surgical/cardiac infants
Ventilated/sedated infants
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Other conditions that may result in cerebral compromise



Olympic Brainz Monitor

Olympic Brainz Monitor v3.1.5 New features

  • RecogniZe – Alerts the user when a possible seizure has been detected
  • BPc – Alerts the user to changes in the background pattern
  • CFMsight – provides enhanced signal display for easier trace interpretation
  • Windows® 10 – faster and more secure security features
  • Large touch-screen monitor to enhance workflow
  • Faster computer processing speed


Understanding a newborn's brain health is an essential part of your treatment decisions. The use of continuous Cerebral Function Monitoring provides actionable neurological information to clinicians during critical times.



Olympic Brainz monitor
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