ICS Impulse - Vestibular Testing

ICS Impulse – Vestibular Testing

Maintain balance for your dizzy patients

As a comprehensive balance testing solution, ICS Impulse provides greater comprehensive testing and assessment, guiding clinicians to a faster diagnosis of dizzy patients. Help shorten the diagnosis time for patients suffering from a balance disorder.

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Balance testing with confidence

ICS Impulse – Vestibular Testing

A new level of clinician confidence 

With the addition of a Special tests module, this complete vestibular testing solution adds additional clinical information to the testing process, resulting in more a comprehensive assessment for the patient and enhanced testing confidence for the clinician.



ICS Impulse guided workflow

Greater intuitive software interface

On-screen video tutorials guide the user through each of the test protocols, providing additional verification during the assessment process. An intuitive, guided workflow supports testing consistency, potentially reducing the need for retesting.

Designed by an expert usability engineer, the guided tutorial interface makes it possible for any trained clinician or technician to efficiently perform vestibular testing by reinforcing testing parameters. 

A more complete diagnostic picture

Free up limited resources and help shorten the patient journey with the ICS Impulse. ICS Impulse is the all-in-one solution for clinicians, providing better quality data for a more complete assessment. Comprised of six different modalities, efficiently assess patients with the following tests: 

  • Video Frenzel Provides easy and affordable testing for vestibular assessment and treatment.  
  • Oculomotor  A new approach to oculomotor evaluation, VVOR and VORS assists with differentiating between central and peripheral disorders.
  • Positional  Uses real-time head position feedback and SPV data to assess and treat patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). 
  • Caloric test  Assesses lateral semicircular canal function with head position feedback, 3D Nystagmus assessment and an external monitor with superior playback.
  • vHIT including SHIMP  Assess all six semicircular canals using vHIT technology validated against scleral search coils. The addition of the Suppression Head Impulse Paradigm (SHIMP) test may provide clinical evidence of residual vestibular function in severe cases of vestibular loss.   
  • Special Tests  The addition of the head shake and fistula tests adds supporting data to the evaluation of suspected unilateral deficits and/or third window dysfunction.


ICS Impulse – Vestibular Testing
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