Caloric Test

ICS Impulse is a complete, modular and customizable balance testing solution that gives you more ways to quickly screen and triage balance patients and drive efficiency in your clinic.

The ICS Impulse Caloric test module delivers everything you need to understand lateral semicircular canal function for thorough balance assessment. 

With innovative monocular goggles and complete caloric test battery, you can determine the degree to which the vestibular system is responsive and how symmetric the responses are between the left and right ears.

Choose one or more modules – or all five – and start helping more patients with vestibular disorders today. Complete the form below to learn more.

Caloric test module and one goggle gives you everything you need


Head Position Feedback

Track the patient’s head motion in free space with superior stability and response time. You receive accurate and timely feedback on the proper position for the patient’s head to the recommended 30 degree angle for increased testing accuracy.

3D Nystagmus Assessment

Analyze horizontal, vertical and torsional eye movement, with separate purchase of the Torsional License key.

Superior playback

Eye position trace, eye video, SPV graph, and head position feedback or room video all play back synchronously. The data can be played back in normal speed or slow motion. Play back the entire data collection or start from where the cursor is set. Playback allows you to review all components of the data collection.

External monitor

The eye video and real time SPV can be displayed on an external monitor. This provides the ability to see the patient’s response from multiple locations in the room.

Easy analysis

Superior SPV algorithm ensures that nystagmus beats are identified and even if the nystagmus is weak. Eye position is automatically analyzed and displayed on the same screen.

Real time SPV

Real time SPV provides an indication of the robustness of the patient’s nystagmus. The real time SPV value is displayed on the computer as well as the external monitor.

Additional modules


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