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ICS Impulse is a modular, customizable balance assessment solution that gives you more ways to help patients with vestibular disorders.

The ICS Impulse oculomotor test module provides simple and quick tests that assist in determining if your patient has a vestibular disorder that is central, peripheral or both.

With innovative goggles and advanced test battery, determination of the presence of a central pathology is available at the bedside or in the clinic.

Choose one or more modules – or all four – and start helping more patients with vestibular disorders today. Complete the form below to learn more.

Oculomotor test module with everything you need

Impulse Oculomotor

Everything you need in an oculomotor test battery

The oculomotor module from ICS Impulse delivers the oculomotor tests you need to determine central and peripheral disorders, including:

  • Gaze – the ability to assess for both gaze-evoked nystagmus and spontaneous nystagmus. These tests can be performed with vision or with vision denied.
  • Visual VOR (Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex) and VOR Suppression (VORS) tests to identify the presence or absence of saccadic eye movement. The unique design of the goggles presents the suppression stimulus from the goggles in order to assess VORS in any location.
  • Skew deviation assesses the patient’s ocular alignment by identifying if ocular misalignment occurs because of covering and uncovering the eye.
Impulse oculomotor work situation male audiologist and female patient
Impulse oculomotor software

The ICS Impulse oculomotor test module for easy analysis

For Gaze tests, the superior SPV algorithm developed by vestibular expert Dr. Kamran Barin ensures that nystagmus beats are identified even if the nystagmus is weak.

Analysis of the horizontal and vertical traces are automatically analyzed and displayed on the same screen.

For VOR tests, you can easily observe head and eye velocity traces and determine the presence or absence of catch-up saccades.

For Skew Deviation, you can mark when the eye is covered and uncovered with the use of a presentation remote. The average-eye-position shift is calculated for both horizontal and vertical eye movement.

Review the oculomotor test data with superior playback funtionality

The ICS Impulse oculomotor test module delivers superior playback functionality. Play back eye position or velocity trace, head velocity trace, eye video, SPV graph, head position feedback or room video synchronously.

You can play back the data in normal speed or slow motion, with the option to play back the entire data collection or start from where the cursor is set. Playback allows you to review all components of the data collection.

Choose the oculomotor test module or any one or all four of the ICS Impulse modules and start helping more patients with vestibular disorders today. Complete the form below to learn more.

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