Positional - BPPV Testing

Assess and treat patients with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) using ICS Impulse. With head position feedback and real time slow phase velocity (SPV) analysis, positional testing and repositioning maneuvers are performed with greater accuracy.

  • Perform BPPV assessment using dynamic positional tests including Dix-Hallpike, Hallpike, Stenger, Side-Lying, Roll or define your own.
  • Initiate BPPV treatment using repositioning maneuvers such as Canalith Repositioning Treatment, Liberatory, BBQ Roll or define your own.
  • Track precisely the patient’s head motion in free space with Head Position Feedback.
  • Evaluate the patient’s nystagmus with real time SPV. You can view the real time SPV value displayed on the computer and on the external monitor.

ICS Impulse is a modular, customizable balance assessment solution that gives you more ways to help patients with vestibular disorders. Choose one or more modules – or all four – and start helping more patients with vestibular disorders today. Complete the form below to learn more

Video goggles for accurate positional tests

Impulse Positional

More than video goggles - perform positional tests and accurate analysis with ICS Impulse

The ICS Impulse Positional module allows for use of an external monitor from which you can view the eye video and real time SPV so you can see the patient’s response from multiple locations in the room.

The superior SPV algorithm developed by renowned vestibular expert Dr. Kamran Barin ensures that all nystagmus beats are identified. Analysis of the horizontal and vertical traces are automatically analyzed and displayed on the same screen.

Eye position trace, eye video, SPV graph, head position feedback or room video all play back synchronously - in normal speed or slow motion. Play back the entire data collection or start from where the cursor is set. Playback allows you to review all components of the data collection.

Choose the oculomotor test module or any one or all four of the ICS Impulse modules.

Impulse positional software




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