vHIT - Video Head Impulse Test

The video head impulse test is an ear-specific test that detects disorders of the vestibulo-ocular reflex and identifies which ear is affected in cases of peripheral vestibular loss. Drs. Halmagyi and Curthoys are the industry pioneers who first identified and described the head impulse test in the 1988 article, “A Clinical Sign of Canal Paresis.”

Patients with a vestibular loss will exhibit a corrective saccadic eye movement (a “catch-up” saccade) either during or after the head impulse and the gain of the head in comparison to the eye will not be equivalent. The head impulse test provides quick, precise information about the vestibulo-ocular reflex to stimuli in the high-frequency range.

ICS Impulse vHIT enables you to perform head impulse testing with speed and precision.

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Discover the video head impulse test

Impulse vHit

A vHIT system that enables you to assess all six semi-circular canals

The head impulse test (HIT) provides quick, clear-cut side of lesion specific assessment of the vestibulo-ocular reflex response to stimuli in the high-frequency range, the natural range of head movements. It is the only test that can assess all six semicircular canals.

The high-frequency stimuli used in vHIT is similar to that used in daily activity, such as when crossing the street or quickly turning to a sound.

ICS Impulse vHIT delivers unrivaled accuracy and efficacy – helping you to help more vestibular patients. Fast, simple and precise, ICS Impulse is recommended as the first step in analysis, helping to improve your workflow and spend more time on patient care.

Impulse vHIT work situation male patient

The ICS Impulse vHIT system - validated against scleral search coils

The ICS Impulse is the only vHIT system that has been validated against the gold standard scleral search coils, and approved by Drs. Halmagyi and Curthoys, the industry pioneers who first identified and described the head impulse test.

ICS Impulse has the lightest goggles in the industry – ensuring patient comfort. Sophisticated cameras enable the use of smaller velocity head impulses of only 15 to 20 degrees, making the test more pleasant for the patient.

ICS Impulse detects more abnormalities than visual observation and reduces false negatives. And because results are known immediately, treatment can begin much sooner.

Measuring catch-up saccades with ICS Impulse is faster and more efficient

ICS Impulse delivers unsurpassed diagnostic precision.

In addition to providing an accurate, objective measure of the vestibulo-ocular reflex, ICS Impulse allows clinicians to test acute patients with spontaneous nystagmus. You can detect both overt and covert saccades allowing for proper diagnosis and rehabilitation recommendations.

The vestibular function of both ears can be assessed and documented in less than 10 minutes from patient entry to reporting.

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