Video Frenzel - Vestibular Testing

Now there is an easier way to assess and treat patients with vestibular symptoms using the monocular video frenzel goggles from ICS Impulse.

They are the lightest USB goggles available. And, with advanced modular software, you can record the eye and room with superior high-resolution image quality. You can update the monocular video frenzel at any time to include additional test modules.

ICS Impulse is a modular, customizable balance assessment solution that gives you more ways to help patients with vestibular disorders.

Choose one or more modules – or all four – and start helping more patients with vestibular disorders today. Complete the form below to learn more.

Lightweight video frenzel goggles for precise, faster diagnosis

Impulse Video Frenzel

A video frenzel solution that gives you an easier way to collect data

The ICS Impulse monocular video frenzel solution has comfortable, lightweight, USB goggles. Just place the goggles on the patient and begin – no adjustments are necessary.

Record eye movement with vision or vision denied (eliminating fixation). The room video records in grayscale or color. In addition, the video frenzel goggles enables you to monitor the elapsed time with a recording indicator, and start and stop recording using a presentation remote control – so you can stay near your patient.

You can also display the eye video on a separate external monitor and the laptop – giving you more choices when sharing information with your patient.

Impulse video frenzel software
Impulse video frenzel work situation female patient

Review, share and report data efficiently with the video frenzel module from ICS Impulse

With the video frenzel module, you have the ability to play back eye and room recordings synchronously. Play back at normal speed and slow motion. Identify which video contains what information at a glance.

Add a remark or note to the video to help you identify the test being performed – whether it is spontaneous nystagmus, gaze or positional.

You also have the possibility to add an indicator to any video that can alert you if the data is unique or of particular interest.

With the video frenzel module in ICS Impulse, you can create customized reports, share and store data easily using Otosuite Vestibular reporting and proprietary Otosuite Vestibular database and data sharing.

Flexible video frenzel solution so you can get started with vestibular testing

ICS Impulse is a customizable solution that offers four modules, including monocular video frenzel goggles, vHIT, Positional and Oculomotor. Start with one module – or all four. Either way, you have more ways to help patients with dizzy symptoms obtain an accurate diagnosis – faster and more efficiently. The monocular video frenzel can be updated to include additional test modules at any time.

Start helping more patients with vestibular disorders today. Complete the form below to learn more.

Ics Impulse modules
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