Madsen Alpha - OAE Hearing Screener

Madsen Alpha OAE

Madsen Alpha is a handheld OAE screener ideal for preschool hearing screening and OAE screening of patients of all ages. Discover how easy OAE screening is with:

  • Touchscreen navigation for ease of use
  • Built-in probe check cavity to ensure testing accuracy
  • Child Mode with cartoon video designed to engage the child’s attention during the testing

The Madsen Alpha OAE screener is lightweight, accurate and easy to use. With a single protocol and predefined pass/refer criteria, you get results in seconds. 

The Madsen Alpha OAE+ offers eight protocols - including a mix of automatic stopping criteria and complete frequency range tests. The OAE hearing screener comes with a docking station for charging and includes a Print-to-PDF feature. Complete the form below for more information

*Only available in selected countries.

Preschool hearing screening can be fun!

Madsen Alpha OAE
Alpha work situation boy

Early detection of hearing loss is important for ensuring healthy childhood development. However, hearing screening can be a challenge – not only for the child but also for the screener. 

Efficient and accurate, Madsen Alpha OAE* and Madsen Alpha OAE+* help make hearing screening easier for you and fun for the child. 

OAE hearing screener that's fun for the child and fast for the tester

Madsen Alpha helps reduce fidgeting and squirming. Once the probe is placed in the ear, a single touch starts the test and an entertaining cartoon that keeps the child engaged and quiet during the test.

The high quality and full color touch screen appeals to the screener and the child. 

Accurate and precise, the Madsen Alpha has a small footprint and is easy to take from room to room – anywhere you need to screen patients. 

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