Natus® Disposable Adhesive Electrodes

Disposable Adhesive Electrodes

Natus Disposable Adhesive Electrodes offer premium quality for sustained performance.

  • Excellent adherence for demanding clinical requirements, including multiple repositioning
  • Options to satisfy EMG, NCS, SEP, IOM, PSG and ENG study requirements
  • Pre-gelled electrodes separate cleanly from their backing without leaving residue
  • Models with leads are color-coded and terminate in touchproof connectors
  • Quality-sealed in foil pouches to maintain optimal freshness
  • USA customers may order directly from the Natus Medical Store –
  • International customers, please contact Natus for your local distributor

Not available in all countries. Please contact your local sales representative for availability.

With & Without Lead Wires
Pre-gelled Ag/AgCl
Many Sizes & Types

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