Natus® Embla® NDx PSG Amplifier

Natus Embla NDx sleep diagnostic PSG amplifier

The Natus Embla NDx – Leading edge performance with expanded capabilities for all your Sleep diagnostic needs. The Natus Embla NDx PSG amplifier provides 64 referential channels, up to 12 programmable bipolar channels and 16 DC, for the most demanding PSG studies. With integrated Embla XactTrace® technology, integrated pressure sensor and much more in a lightweight ergonomic design.n.
Key Features:

  • Up to 64 AC channels (40 referential and 24 referential/differential configurable)
  • 16 DC channels (12 on Natus Base Unit and 4 on NDx breakout box)
  • Up to 4 kHz sampling rate
  • Integrated pulse oximeter and pressure sensor
  • Touchscreen display on base unit with real time interaction with ongoing studies
  • Instantaneous electrode impedance check using onboard touchscreen
  • Perform bio-calibrations from the patient bedside
  • Lightweight breakout box aids in patient’s mobility
  • Integrated 8-bit trigger for synchronizing external events

Requires NeuroWorks 9.0 or higher. Not available in all countries. Please contact your local sales representative for availability.

64 Channels + 16 DC
4 kHz Sample Rate

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