Natus® Quantum® AR Amplifier for Animal Research

Natus Quantum AR Amplifier for Animal Research

The Natus Quantum AR Amplifier is specifically designed for animal research with up to 7 independent references to improve flexibility and accuracy in data collection. The Quantum AR has high-quality features including HD video with digital zoom, sampling rates up to 16 kHz, spike and seizure detection and is powered by the intuitive NeuroWorks® software. This system can be integrated with 3rd party data analysis software; and direct data access can be made possible with the Software Development Kit.

Key Features:

  • 64 Referential Channels; 16 DC
  • 7 Independent References
  • Up to 16 kHz sampling frequency with wide 0.01 Hz to 4 kHz bandwidth
  • High-Definition Video allows a researcher to set up a single camera for multiple subjects and can digitally zoom in on individual subjects.
  • Software development kit for direct data access
  • 3rd party analysis software
  • EDF/EDF+ import and export
  • Ability to record video from multiple cameras
  • 8-bit external trigger for synchronizing external events

Not available in all countries. Please contact your local sales representative for availability.

HD Video
16 kHz Sample Rate
64 Channels + 16 DC

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