Olympic Vac-Pac® for Patient Positioning

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A safe and supported method of quickly positioning patients for surgery. Olympic Vac-Pac® conforms to the shape of the patient, holding them securely in place while providing medical care to selected areas of the body. 


NOTE: The product may not be available in all countries; contact Natus for country-specific information.

Designed with the patient in mind

Comfort by design
After the patient is orientated on the table in the position needed for surgery, the Vac-Pac's soft pads are molded around the patient. In 15 seconds, the pads are suctioned, creating an outside atmospheric pressure that forces the beads together. The result is a firm, supportive wrap that comfortably secures the patient.

Smart by design 
Choose from seven different shapes and sizes to assist with all your positioning needs. Patients can be positioned quickly and easily. Patients can be repositioned, if necessary. Each system can be used with any vacuum source, including wall suction and aspirator pumps. 

Safe by design 
Vac-Pacs are easily cleaned with common liquid disinfectants, providing years of reusable use. Simply wipe the system with a cleaning agent after each use. Option to use with Vac-Pac Disposable Covers. Covers are made from non-sterile surgical drape material and are not made with natural rubber latex. See additional pricing below.


Vac-Pac can assist in many procedures, including:
•    Plastic and Ophthalmic surgeries
•    Thyroid surgery
•    Kidney procedures
•    OB/GYN and urological procedures 
•    Respiratory area access
•    Arthroscopic and open shoulder procedures
•    Lateral positioning for hip, shoulder, thoracotomy, nephrectomy, liposuction and more

Olympic Vac-Pac product usage overview

The Natus Olympic portfolio

Olympic Vac-Pac® is part of the Natus Newborn Care Medical/Surgical line of Olympic products and accessories, including Sterile-Driers™, Papoose Boards™ and Circumstraint™.

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