Trex™ HD Monitoring Continuous Video Ambulatory EEG System

Image showing the Trex HD Monitoring System for Ambulatory EEG

Real-time access to ambulatory EEG recording

With continuous monitoring in a compact, portable system, Trex HD Monitoring video ambulatory EEG system offers a complete uniform solution for observing, recording and annotating all types of EEG testing in both pediatric and adult patients.

Not available in all countries. Please contact your local sales representative for availability.

Offering ease of use in the home environment

Streamline ambulatory recording without missing signal quality with simple and intuitive new features. Provide wireless home video EEG monitoring and review with simultaneous data transfer to a local storage server for further reviewing and sharing. Begin the study with a few simple clicks without the need for patient interaction up to 72 hours.

Sophisticated software for lab quality results

Gain confidence in knowing that that data quality of the recording is clean with real-time access for remote check-in. Built on the powerful NeuroWorks® software platform, experience an amplifier that brings reliability and flexibility when used in a multitude of studies. Trex HD Monitoring can be used for ambulatory monitoring, routine EEG, LTM and Sleep studies.

A flexible alternative for both patient and clinician 

A powerful solution in a compact device, Trex HD Monitoring amplifier increases mobility and optimizes comfort by allowing the patient to resume their normal daily activities. The device is worn in a configurable cross-body pouch and is conveniently charged with AA batteries.


An image showcasing Trex HD monitoring system, a powerful solution in a compact device

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Key features

  • 24 referential, 4 differential and 4 DC channels
  • Internal SD card storage space to record up to 96 hours of ambulatory EEG data
  • Features high-definition USB and integrated camera options
  • Built-in pulse oximeter and photic stimulator input - Bluetooth® pairing for synchronized video recording
  • Convenient and rugged transport case
  • Optional patient event button
24 Ref Channels
72 hrs recording on one charge

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